Etisalat Free Browsing With Tunnelguru DNS

Free browsing seems to hardly come by these days and DNS in recent times seem to be the only connection mode that gives life to free browsing.

Tunnelguru DNS connects as well with the said DNS protocol and open free browsing gateway on both MTN and Etisalat networks.

DNS generally anywhere in the world is a very slow connection protocol and does not provide enough speed just like the other connection modes. Using Tunnelguru DNS is nothing special in anyway in terms of
speed but can keep you online if you are so obsessed with free browsing with downloading and streaming out of the picture.

Etisalat seems to have a better connection speed than MTN on DNS withTunnelguru that's why I decided to give the settings though both of them use the same settings. You may try both and then finally choose the Network that best gives you good connection speed.

To get connected with Etisalat on Tunnelguru DNS for Free browsing then follow the setting below.

Download the Latest version of Tunnelguru version 2.7 HERE

If this is the first time you are using Tunnelguru on your system then you need to download and install Javaruntime on your system. Download Javaruntime HERE

Also Signup for a FREE Tunnelguru User account HERE if this is your first time of using it.

Launch the TunnelGuru and configure it as follows

Immediately you open the Tunnelguru look for where you have PROTOCOL, Click on it and select DNS.

When you do that a Text document pops out. The Text document will always pop out whenever you open the Tunnelguru and select the DNS protocol. To stop the text document from popping out always, locate
where you extracted the tunnelguru to and from the MISC folder look for and DELETE the "DNSHelp.txt" File only.

Now back to the configuration.

After you have selected the DNS protocol, configure the other options as follows;

SERVER: Choose between any of the server locations.

On the next option beside it enter;

USER: Enter your Tunnelguru Username

PASSWORD: Enter you Tunnelguru Password

Unmark the Tiny boxy beside Tunnel DNS Query

Of course your Protocol should have been set to DNS in the first instance.

On the options immediately below

Choose 250 on the First box

Choose Encoded DNS Name on the Second box

Choose NULL RECORD on the Third box

Leave every other thing they way they are just like on the image below.

Connect your Modem at this very point and when it is connected, Click on START on the Tunnelguru.

If the above settings fail to get you connected then try any of the following;

Choose any other server location aside from the one you first chose.

Change the DNS I.P (that is the option closely beside the SERVER
option) to

Listen up, DNS like I earlier told you is a very slow protocol to connect with hence you should not expect much browsing speed from this. The speed can help you stay online and browse smoothly but won't be good for downloading.

You should also know that for you to enjoy the services of Tunnelguru you need to UPGRADE you free Tunnelguru User account to PREMIUM. To UPGRADE you Tunnelguru Account to PREMIUM visit

But before you UPGRADE please when you finally get connected with Tunnelguru DNS
visit and check the speed with which it opens the webpage as that is the general browsing speed you will always get when you browse with Tunnelguru DNS. If you like the speed
then you can go ahead and Upgrade to PREMIUM if you do not like the speed then forget about Upgrading please.

To UPGRADE your Tunnelguru Account to PREMIUM CLICK HERE

Enjoy your free browsing......

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