Take Snapshots With Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Screenshots come handy when you want to take a picture of your phone screen capturing whatever it is you have on your phone screen at the moment.

Capturing a phone screen through screenshots may be for many reasons depending on the person who captures the screen. Whatever the case,taking screenshots may include one or more of the following;

A blogger trying to do a tutorial on how to use or tweak a particular
android app.

Capturing a screen to report an error to a geek for solution.

Trying to help another user on how to fix things up.

Trying to share how you do your things on your android phone.

Just want to flex.

Just for the fun of it. 

I had before acquiring the Samsung Note 2 used an android Tablet PC which was not that hard for me to take screenshots because right on top of it was an Icon which when I tap on it I easily have the screen

When I got the Samsung Note 2, I never bothered checking for that Icon until an issue can up where I wanted to take screenshots for a tutorial on an android application which I wanted to write for my blog readers. I searched on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device for that same Icon on my old Tablet PC but could not find it.

I then had to sought for alternative means and luckily for me I figured it out. I found out that to take screenshots on my Samsung Note 2 all I need to do is to HOLD DOWN THE POWER BUTTON AND THE VOLUME DOWN BUTTON SIMULTANEOUSLY (all at the same time).

Personally, I have effectively used this method to take screenshots though as of the last time I made a search on Google Play for the keyword "screenshot" I got over 100 android screenshot applications. I have not used any of them so I am not in a position to recommend any of them. 

You may try any of the applications if you try the conventional Power Button and Volume Down button combination and you don't find it easy to use or you need more screenshot enhancements which the keys combination can't provide.

Immediately the screenshot is taken, you will see the screen captured on the notification area of your phone. 

If you want to locate the screenshot image at other times then you need to follow this path on your Samsung galaxy note 2 device MNT/SDCARD/PICTURES/SCREENSHOTS though it depends on the default storage path you set your phone to (Phone or SD card).Whatever the case, the screenshots can be located on the screenshots folder which is in the pictures folder on either the phone memory or the SD card memory.

Apart from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I tried the same key combination on a Samsung Galaxy S4 device and was able to take screenshots as well.

From my experience so far on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy S4, I think that holding the POWER BUTTON and the VOLUME DOWN BUTTON on most Samsung Galaxy android device will immediately capture the screen though that's an assumption.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 or and need to take a screenshot for whatever reasons then HOLD the POWER BUTTON and the VOLUME DOWN BUTTON at the same time and your screen will be captured immediately without the need for a third party android application.

You can also try it on any of your Samsung android Device and if it fails to work then you can sought for alternative means to take Screenshots.


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