Flexible Cheap MTN Data Bundle Plan 1GB for #1400

Data bundle subscription has now found itself in the mainstream of our everyday life. If you are not checking mails you are surfing the web for updates on sports, entertainment and general News. You also hang out with your peeps on the social circles on Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp. Life in recent times can be boring without internet access.

Android devices and other smart mobile devices are sure making a killing these days but hardly can you enjoy the devices when there is no data bundle on it. Network operators also are not helping matters with high cost of internet subscription on android devices and computers.

Flexible Cheap Data Plan has come to the rescue. To an extent the Flexible Cheap Data Plan has taken data bundle subscription to a much subsidized level because resellers buy data bundle in bulk and then reseller/share to other internet users at a much subsidized rate. In this instance bulk data bundle buyers now set their own competitive price at a very much affordable rate providing much data allowance for less price. 

Imagine getting 1GB of MTN data Plan for #1,500 or less.

Presently, MTN is the network where the above applies.


    1GB                                #1,400                30days
    2GB                                #2,500                30days
    3GB                                #3,400                30days

Provisions are also made for heavy internet users.

The above Data bundle does not come directly from MTN and as such has no subscription code. The above data allocation can only be gotten from MTN Data resellers.

To Get any of the above Data allocation through our Data Reselling service CLICK HERE after payment send your payment details and the MTN Number you want to be Credited with the Data Plan to 08056370712

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Kind of service is this? It is MTN bulk data share service. MTN Bulk Data resellers buy data bundle from MTN in bulk and resell in smaller bytes to end users at a very reasonably cheap and competitive price.

Is this service a Cheat or Tweak? NO. Not at all. This service is from MTN and very legit and neither a cheat nor Tweak.

Which Devices are supported? Data received from this service has no restriction. it can be used on any internet enabled device. Android devices, iphones, ipads, Tablets, laptops and PCs are all supported. All internet enabled devices are supported.

What is the Validity of the data? All data received through our Data resell service lasts for 30days.

How can I check my data balance? Simple! just send Sharebalance to 131 or Dial *461# and follow the subsequent options.

Can I Subscribe Multiple Times or Top-up to an Existing Plan? Yes, you can request for top-up or subscribe multiple times.

Can I get the Data Directly from MTN? No. Subscribing from data from MTN follows the conventional subscription method. This service is exclusive to MTN Data resellers.

What is the Subscription Code? This service has no subscription code. You deal directly with Data reseller according to his laid down terms and conditions.

How long does it take before Data is sent? Immediately payment is confirmed and your payment notification is received, it takes 5mins or less before Data is sent. However, in extreme cases it may take longer time but no more than 15mins.

Which network can I use for this service? Presently, this service is available to MTN users.

How can I Pay for this service?  Simple! CLICK HERE service can be paid for through ATM transfers, Online/Internet transfers, Cash deposits through bank and Mobile money Transfer.

Do you Accept Recharge cards or Airtime Transfers? Yes we do but only in extreme cases and for smaller Data plans. However, payment through recharge cards or airtime transfers attracts an EXTRA charge of #100 but most importantly must contact us before doing so.

For more Information or questions not covered here Contact us through 08056370712 or gjhande[@]gmail.com

Join other thousands of SMART Data users and Enjoy!!


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