Airtel Free Unlimited Download Tweak

Airtel Free Unlimited Download Tweak

Airtel users that enjoy downloading heavy files have every reason to be happy at the moment because Airtel has gone to sleep once again leaving their backdoor open and vulnerable to attack hence we are attacking them with this time with simple Server.

You rather join the movement and seize the moment and download your large files who knows they may wake up from slumber at any moment but before then lets make a mince meat of their bandwidth and a field day.

Nothing is Free even in Freetown” so they said and I quote. To enjoy this downloading spree on Airtel network you need to go with data bundle subscription though not the high ones but smaller ones that wont put a strain on your pocket. Spend less achieve more.

Ordinarily, downloading a huge files on Airtel or any other network must for sure put a hole in your pocket but this trick right here will give you access to download large files with little money spent. Imagine using 4MB at the cost of #50 to download a file of over 2GB and over on Airtel network... huh.. Now you gerritt.. that's the trick..

Steps Involved

Subscribe for any Airtel low data bundle plan.

4MB daily Plan for #50

10MB daily Plan for#100

The above airtel data bundle subscription will do, however, if you can go further for higher data bundle plan then its all good Click HERE for other Airtel data subscription plan.

Download Simple Server HERE and extract it to a suitable location on your system.

If you already have simple server then Download this Simple server.inifile and use it to replace the one in the simple server folder you already have.

Launch the simple server, connect your modem and then set your Internet download manager and browser to use this proxy;


PORT: 8080

then get set to download as you like, the world is yours to download but remember this tweak is somehow tricks the Airtel system as you are not charged based on what you download. A file of 2GB may end up be charged only 2MB or less.

To enjoy maximum download speed it is advisable you get InternetDownload Manager (IDM)

If the simple server you have fails to connect even when you have downloaded the server.ini file and replaced it with the one already in your simple server folder then get new Proxy Servers HERE OR HERE  

Open the Server.ini configuration file and replace it with what you have at PHOST = '' also check the Port of the proxy server and use it to replace what you have at PPORT = 80. Proxy servers with port 80 and 8080 are the ones that mostly connect.

Please listen up, if you have followed this piece of writing closely you will notice that I have been hinting mostly on downloading. The reason is because browsing with this tweak will render the whole thing useless as this is not good for browsing . If you browse with it your little data bundle subscription will be exhausted even before you say Jack. 

The trick here is use lets say 1MB of your data plan or whatever means to get the download links of whatever you want to download loaded on your IDM or any other download manager of your choice which must have already been configured to use and port 8080 fire up this tweak and carry dey go.

Enjoy while it lasts....


Should you encounter any problem running this tweak Please you the comment box to let us know and we will surely get back to you.

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