How To Download Youtube Videos

How To Download Youtube Videos

Youtube no doubt is the largest video sharing site on the internet today and has video on virtually anything you can think of, tutorials, music videos, just name them which makes it one of the most visited and popular site today.

If you are reading this I bet you already know about youtube so I won't bother you with that, but if you do not, then go to and find out what it is. 

However, like I said in the opening part, it is a video sharing site where you can upload and share videos as well as watch videos from other users.

Videos available on youtube can only be streamed and watched when there is internet connection. Chances are that you have wished at one time or another to download and keep your favourite youtube videos so you can watch them over and over again or transfer them to your other gadgets without having to spend time over and over again streaming it whenever you want to enjoy it. Wish no more as I will show you through this post two of the most effective ways to download a youtube video and have access to it anyday, anytime with no need streaming again or needing an internet connection.

Download Youtube Video With Download Manager

Personally, I use internet download manager and it is a very effective download manager Read More About Internet Download Manager HERE.

Internet download manager integrates itself into your internet browsers and soon as you begin to stream video on youtube Internet download manager brings out a notification on top or bottom of the video with the caption DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO.

Click on it and it brings out different video formats which you can choose from. Click on any of the formats and watch IDM pick it from there and download the video to your PC.

The good thing about Internet download manager (IDM) is that you are not only limited to downloading videos from youtube as it also captures video for download from any video sharing site. So long as the site streams the video, IDM can easily help you capture and download the video at a very maximum speed.

Download Youtube Video Through

The second method requires no special software but just a simple modification to the URL of the youtube video. Ordinarily, the youtube video looks something like this the modification you do to it to be able to download the video is simply to remove the https://www and add ss to it so it looks something like this

All you need to do is locate the youtube video you want to download and on the address bar of your browser delete the http://www. On it and add ss to it after you have done that press enter just like you would do after you have entered a web address on your browser. It will automatically redirect you to with a download links. Click on MP4 360p to download the video in that format or Click on More for more video format options.

Better still, copy the full youtube vide URL without any modification, head to and on the space provided paste the youtube video link and click the download button to generate the download link.
Now that you know, next time you need to download and enjoy your favourite youtube video choose any of the above methods and have the video downloaded.

Do you have another method through which you download youtube videos? Please kindly use the comment box to let us know so we can also enjoy with you.


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