Slowdns android Free Browsing with MTN and Etisalat

Slowdns Android Free Browsing with MTN and Etisalat 

DNS protocol is the last resort when it comes to free browsing and has been the protocol we have resorted to as the saving grace for free browsing at the moment on android devices.

Slowdns is the android application that suitable comes into the picture as the chosen one for the purpose of browsing free on android devices with DNS protocol. Just like the name says it is slow due to the general nature of DNS but sure can keep you online and works best in a 3G network reception zone.

Alright, let's get down to business.

MTN SlowDns Android Free Browsing Settings

Download Slowdns android application HERE

Open and configure it as follows;

The slowdns application already comes with a Free pre-configured username and password though you can use your tunnelguru account or signup for one HERE  

Right below the where you have the username and password space choose any Free server or choose a premium server if you have a premium tunnelguru account.

On the next option where you have Primary DNS IP clear what you have there and enter (as you are entering it look closely and strain your eyes a little bit because the things inside the box look faint)

Leave the Txt: Response Not Encoded and 250 on the next.

Tick the Box that has “Keep Changing Source Port.

Click on Connect

Etisalat SlowDns Android Free Browsing Settings

The settings for Etisalat with slowdns is the same as what is applicable on MTN the only changed is the Primary DNS IP.

In the case of Etisalat at the Primary DNS I.P enter

Leave every other the way they are as with MTN. After that Click on Connect

Slowdns comes from the stable of Tunnelguru, hence if you already have a tunnelguru account you can use it to change the already free_user_ID and password that came with it. However, you can signup for a free Tunnelguru account HERE and Upgrade it HERE

The slowdns comes with Free 100MB data allowance for Free users. To go beyond that and also use the slowdns Premium servers you need to Upgrade the Free TunnelGuru account to Premium. To Upgrade the Tunneguru account Click HERE or visit

You may also check out how to use Tunnelguru to browse for free on PC with DNS here MTN TUNNELGURU DNS FREE BROWSING SETTINGS 


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