Teracopy Copy File from One Device To Another At Fast Amazing Speed

Transferring of files from one location to another can become a hell of a task especially when doing that through the regular windows file transfer method and gets even more annoying when large file transfers are involved.

The nightmare/ “daymare” caused by slow transfer rate is gone with this piece of software called TERACOPY.

Teracopy is simply the solution from codesector to snail speed file transfer rate. If you want to accelerate your file copying session or you transfer large amount of data over different storage medium and need it done in less time than necessary then Teracopy is simply what you need.

Teracopy efficiently manages the copy and transfer of files at maximum speed. It skips bad files during the copying process and analyzes them at the end of the transfer so you can see which of the file needs attention.

Teracopy also provides information about the files being copied. It checks the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values.

It uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce the seek times. Asynchronous copying accelerates the file transfer between two storage media devices.

Features Of Teracopy

Pause and resume
You can pause the transfer process at anytime in order to free up system resources and resume the copying process with a single click.

Error recovery
Teracopy try several times to recover a copy error and at worst cases will simply skip the corrupt file and continue with the transfer instead of ending the entire process.

Interactive File list
It provides an interactive interface from which you can have access to the copying process, the file copied, the ones in queue, failed file transfers and also the chance to fix the problem files and recopy only the problem files.

Teracopy also provides certain amazing task process which you can choose from and have it performed on the completion of the copying process, options like shutdown of the PC after the transfer session, eject the drive/USB device, close the teracopy window and run test.

You can also select files to skip during the transfer process.

Teracopy above all is a FREE application for non-commercial users and available for download HERE or HERE

However Teracopy PRO is available for commercial use and provides more advanced options like;

Copy/move to your favorite folders.

Save reports as HTML and CSV files.

More copying speed.

Select files with the same extension/folder.

Remove the selected files from the copy queue.

And More.....

Get the Teracopy PRO HERE

Time is too short to be wasted transferring files when you can easily accelerate the transfer process with Teracopy.

Do you have another method through which you copy files and more amazing speed? Please kindly use the comment box to let us know so we can also enjoy with you.


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