MTN BIS browsing with Simple Server

MTN blackberry plan exclusively reserved for blackberry users has missed it's route to the benefit of PC and android users.

MTN (BIS ) blackberry plan is relatively cheap compared with what is obtainable from the regular data plan that's why it makes logical sense to join the movement of internet users using simple server to browse on PC with MTN blackberry plan.

MTN blackberry plan together with simple server forms a perfect combo that makes cheap internet browsing an exceptional fun filled experience better experienced than imagined as it brings about optimum speed that is blazing mad like hell.

Well, let's get down to business so you can at least enjoy before MTN wake up from their state of confusion and block the access.

Subscribe for any MTN blackberry complete (BBC) plan, either daily, weekly or monthly.

To subscribe for daily bbc plan Text bbcday to 21600 costs #100.

To subscribe for weekly bbc plan Text bbcweek to 21600 costs #500.

To subscribe for monthly bbc plan Text bbc to 21600 costs #1,000.

Download this MTN BIS Pre-configured Simple Server
or download only this server.ini configuration file and use it to replace the one you already have in your simple server folder.

To change the configuration of the server.ini file if you already have simpleserver on your system. Open the simple server folder already on your system, locate the server.ini file, delete it, use the new one you download from here to replace it or simply copy the content of the mtn bis configuration on the new server.ini downloaded, delete the contents of the old one and paste the new content and save.

To save yourself the stress simply delete the entire old simpleserver on your system and download this new MTN BIS simple Server.

Make sure that your access point name (APN ) is set to MTN default which is

Connect your modem start the simpleserver and enjoy but before then set your browser and other application to this proxy http proxy: port :8080

To enjoy a more robust internet connection browsing with MTN BIS on PC then check out MTN BIS browsing with Tunnelguru.

If you want to use the MTN BIS to browse on your android device then check out MTN BIS browsing on android with TroidVPN


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