MTN BIS Free Browsing On PC With Tunnelguru

MTN BIS Free browsing on PC with Tunnelguru is now back and working with maximum speed. MTN blackberry subscription (BIS) which once worked perfectly well before now has been back and like before, it is working with MTN Blackberry complete BBC subscription plan. 

The plan comes in daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages with 3GB data allowance. If you plan to use this for large downloads, heavy streaming and longer browsing time then the ideal plan should be the MTN BBC daily plan because with it you can keep getting 3GB each time you subscribe unlike the weekly and monthly BBC plan where the same 3GB data allowance applies and when you exhaust it in a day that means you will be subscribing again but with BBC day you get 3GB daily anytime you subscribe or want to use the internet.

BB Lite Daily plan costs #70. To subscribe Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7#

BB Midi Daily plan costs #100. To subscribe Text BBMIDID to 21600 or Dial *216*10#

BB Lite Weekly plan costs #500. To subscribe Text BBMIDIW to 21600 or Dial *216*8#

BB LITE Monthly plan costs #1000. To subscribe Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9#

When the subscription goes through connect your modem/phone and set your Access Point Name (APN) to 

Download Latest Tunnelguru version 2.8.2  32BIT OR 64BIT

Download and install javaruntime if this is your first time of using tunnelguru on your system

Extract the Tunnelguru to any location on your system preferably your desktop or any location you find comfortable.

If this happen to be the first time you will be using Tunnelguru Sign up for a free Tunnelguru account HERE 

Open and configure the Tunnelguru as follows 

Server: Choose Demo (if you are a free user)
        Choose any other Server location (if you are a Premium user)

Rport: 80

Lport: 0

User: Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

Protocol: TCP

Leave every other thing the way they are.

Click START but before then your modem must be connected.

The next thing to do is to ENJOY!! while it lasts.

Demo Server works for FREE user and allows for only 150MB daily data allowance so inasmuch as MTN BBC daily plan comes with 3GB data allowance with Demo server you can only enjoy 150MB of it with Tunnelguru while with Premium Tunnelguru account you have access to the whole servers on offer on the Tunnelguru and UNLIMITED data access.

To Upgrade your Tunnelguru account to PREMIUM click HERE or visit

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  1. As a free user, will mtn bis work or its just the 150mb? I configured my TG the way its illustrated above but it still states "connection error. bad network". What should I do? and lastly, as a premium user, is data access UNLIMITED? REALLY?

  2. Look closely on the Configuration settings and find out what you are missing also make sure your are using the latest version of tunnelguru.

    MTN BIS gives you 3GB data allowance irrespective of which plan you subscribe to (daily,weekly and monthly). Tunnelguru gives you daily 150MB as a Free user and Unlimited access as a Premium user. If you exhaust your 3GB data allowance on your BIS you will need to subscribe again before you can continue to browse.