Extend Your MTN Blackberry Subscription Beyond Expiration Time

The MTN blackberry lite plan ( daily, weekly and monthly) comes with 5gb data allowance when used with either Simpleserver or Tunnelguru, of course that is no longer news.

Light internet users may not even come close to consuming the 5gb data allowance until the time of expiration of the data plan. 

In another scenario, you may be in the middle of a downloading session or have something important doing online when you get that annoying notification message from MTN that you Blackberry lite plan has expired.

Bad as it may seem, the only reasonable option is to subscribe for another blackberry lite plan but in situation where you have no airtime to do the subscription or just in a position where you have no access to airtime or you are in the middle of something important, what do you do?

You can extend your current MTN blackberry lite plan beyond the original expiration time by some hours. How do I do that you may ask?

Relax; here is how to do it. When you get closer to the expiration time on the day your current MTN blackberry plan will expire, what you need to do is simply backdate the date of your phone if you are using a blackberry phone or your android phone if you tether it to your system(as a modem). If you are using it on PC and have the sim with the subscription in a modem what you need to do in this case is to backdate the date of your system.

For example, if the current MTN blackberry plan you subscribed for will expire on 06/10/2015 by 12:00pm what you need to do to extend it beyond that expiration time is to backdate only the phone you are browsing with or using as a modem to let’s say 06/10/2010 and keep browsing or downloading. If you are making use of a modem just change the system date to a year that has long past.

If you use the tweak above you will experience some hitches like;

On phone, you cannot use opera mini, whatsapp and other applications that require real-time update. For browsing on phone you may use other browsers (maxthon, Ucweb, etc). For whatsapp, make sure that you already have it open and working before you backdate.

If you are browsing on PC, some sites may not open perfectly while some may come with the ADD EXCEPTION option.

For this to work effectively the device which you browse with (phone or PC) MUST not go off after you backdate the device (the current data has expired) or MUST not be offline beyond 5minutes. That is, when you have reached the original expiration period and start enjoying the extension period, your device must not go off.

This works only when you are still within the active data period and not when the data plan has already expired. It also works when you still have data left on your current subscription whilst the expiration of the data is some hours/minutes left.

This extension when correctly done may give you 3-6hours or even more beyond the original expiration time.

I have used this effectively to extend the MTN blackberry complete plan (BBC) and also the MTN blackberry Lite plan (BBlite). I have tried it with any other MTN data bundle plan or with any other network but think that it may work. You may try it and use the comment box below to report your findings so we can learn from you as well.


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