How To Unlock Etisalat MF190 Modem

Variety they say is the spice of life. Having to choose from different networks while browsing makes it sweet and beautiful but with the ZTE Etisalat MF190 modem which is temporarily locked to the etisalat network, you are restricted from enjoying other networks on your Etisalat MF190 modem.

That should not be so, your ZTE Etisalat MF190 modem is meant to be free so that it can accept other network sims and allow you the chance to choose which network you want to browse it.

Following shortly is an easy and detailed step by step guide on how to unlock Etisalat MF190 modem

To easily unlock the ZTE model MF190 from Etisalat, you need to use DC Unlocker software. The method where you generate the unlock code and input directly on the modem dashboard does not work for this modem.

To get started you need to download the DC Unlocker software. You can download it HERE

Not all versions of DC unlocker can be used to unlock the Etisalat MF190 for free, you need to download the version above which already has some DC Credits which can be used for the unlock.

Download DC Unlocker software for Etisalat ZTE MF190 modem here 

Remove the etisalat sim inside the modem and replace it with any network sim card.

Now plug in the modem to your system and make sure you close the modem interface together with the other network sim and the prompt asking for unlock code.

When you have closed the modem interface, open the dc unlocker software. You may run the dc unlocker straight from the zipped location or extract the contents to another location on your PC. If you choose to extract the contents of the zip file, make sure that the contents are in the same folder else the dc unlocker software will not work properly.

Before you run the Dc unlocker software, make sure that you see the other contents of the folder(dccrap, Readme, Unikey)  just like in the image below.

On the dc crap software click on the Arrow down head just below the Select Manufacturer Section and select ZTE data cards.

On the Select Model section, choose Auto detect (Recommended).

Next, click on Search (the magnifying lens icon with a circle enclosing it). The spot with 3 on the image below.

Wait for the dc-unlocker to search for and locate the modem. When it locates the modem, look at the right hand side of the dc unlocker software and click on UNLOCKING.

Next, click on UNLOCK and wait for the dc unlocker to unlock the modem.

There you have it, on the message area of the Dc unlocker software you will see if the unlocking session was successful or not.  On the image above you can see the message where the red arrow is pointing, "Card Successfully Unlocked" !

Finally, you have an Unlocked Etisalat MF190 modem.

The next step now will be to create a profile connection for any Network sim you want to use.

On the image above you can see that the modem interface is now showing MTN-NG because it has been unlocked and an MTN sim is inside the modem.

To create a profile connection for any network Click on SETTINGS as you can see on the image above.

On the next screen shown, click on ADD and enter the configurations as follows;

Config Filename: MTN

The config file name could be anything but it is advisable to use the network name.

Dial Number: *99#

Tick the box with "Use The Following APN name"

On config, enter the Access Point name (APN) of the network

When you are through with the settings, Click on OK.

Move back to the main interface and click connect. Now you are ready to get connected with network.

Simply click on Connect and get connected.

Below are the Access Point Names for the various Networks.



Etisalat; etisalat

GLO; glosecure or glomms or gloflat

Once the above procedures are correctly done you will have an unlocked functional Etisalat M190 modem.

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