MTN Blackberry Free Browsing With OpenVPN

MTN Blackberry subscription plan has for quite a period of time has been working on PC and android devices powered by simpleserver, Tunnelguru and TroidVPN (android app). At the very point of writing this piece it is still very active and working that is why I decided to throw in another style to the mix. What style you may ask? It is none other than how to get the same MTN Blackberry lite Plan to work on PC with the help of openVPN.

Why OpenVPN?

Since I dropped the settings to Simpleserver with MTN Blackberry plan and also the video tutorial, some people have always asked me for how to make it work with other applications most especially Torrent clients. I have always referred them to Tunnelguru because with it you get similar experience you get with a paid internet connection as every application on the system works perfectly well, but the downside of it is that it comes with a monthly payment.

OpenVPN client comes to the rescue as it does almost the same work as Tunnelguru powering all system application even torrent clients and best of all it is 100% Free but the protocol involved is a little bit stressful. Anyway nothing good in life comes that easy.

Get set as I take you through the process of getting MTN Blackberry Subscription (Blackberry Lite plan) to work on PC with OpenVPN client.

Subscription Codes For MTN Blackberry Lite Plan

To subscribe for MTN Blackberry plan use any of the codes below;

Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7# for Daily plan. Costs #70

Text BBLITEW to 21600 or Dial *216*8# for Weekly plan. Costs #350

Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9# for Monthly plan. Costs #1,000.

The above codes give you a maximum data limit of 5gb on any of the plans. (Daily, weekly or monthly).

You are going to be needing two files. One is the openvpn client while the other one is the openvpn config file.
You need either the 32bit or 64bit version depending on the bit architecture of your PC.

Download OpenVPN Client 32bit
Download OpenVPN Client 64bit

Download the openvpn client config files HERE.

Install the openvpn client to your system. After that, pin it to your system taskbar or windows start menu for easy access.

Next, right-click on the openvpn client icon, click on PROPERTIES. On the displayed window, look for and click on COMPATIBILITY. Mark/Tick/Check the box with the option, RUN AS ADMIN PRIVILEDGE. Click on APPLY and OK to return and exit.

Extract the OpenVPN config file to any location on your PC, desktop preferably so that you can easily locate it.
Open the openvpn config file folder. Now go through your system root drive and locate the openvpn installation file folder which is inside the program files folder. Confusing right? Don't worry; here is how to easily locate it. Go to your computer C: drive, look for and open the program files, look/search inside the program files folder you will see the openvpn folder. Open that openvpn folder. To make the search easier for you simply open the MY COMPUTER folder, clear whatever you have at the address bar and paste/type C:/program/openvpn.

Once you locate the openvpn folder, open it, look for and open the config files folder, go back and copy all the contents of the openvpn client config files which you had earlier extracted and paste the whole of them inside the config files folder of the openvpn folder.

Next, open the openvpn client application. Click yes when a notification pops out. You can always find the openvpn client application window icon on the system notification area whenever you open it, system notification area is the area where you have the system time and date.
Right-click on the openvpn client application showing on the notification area, click on SETTINGS. On the displayed window, look for and mark/tick the box with the option USE OPENVPN FILE CONFIG. Click on OK.

At this very point everything about the openvpn settings has been completed.
Connect your modem to the internet but before then make sure you have an active MTN Blackberry plan and that your access point name is on .

Right-click on the openvpn client application, click on any of the servers and click on connect.
Wait for it to connect. On a successful connection the openvpn click application turns green.

OpenVPN servers in the config file may experience downtimes at times or may stop working entirely. Do not panic as you can always have access to over 200 openvpn servers in different country locations.

How do you get the servers? Anyway, that's my little secret which I cannot give away here. To have access to this my little secret.

That's it brother, that's how to configure MTN Blackberry Subscription to work on PC with openvpn.

Stay tuned to this blog as I will be reporting how to Configure Openvpn to work with MTN blackberry subscription on android devices.

You may also watch the video tutorial on Youtube

Do you questions or need support, kindly use the comment box below and I will get back to you..


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