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Monday, December 29, 2008


I know for one reason or the other you have being frustrated doing this business or you have not tried it out .

Look just like you, others including yours truly, have been there but with the new enhancement of the program by the particular sites and you are covered.
gives you a free $250 just for signing up.

So just take a quick action to the site a make a registration and grab your own $200 as that is meant for the first members to register. So why postpone it for the next day just click on this link to register and grab your own $250

To maximize and make a regular $200 and extra $100 from this program, you have to
Read the mails in you inbox regularly.
Refer your friends to the program.
Click to earn points.
Sign up on other programs under them.
With these listed ways you can make a regular $200 from this program stress free.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Browse The Internet For Free With The New Zain Network That Opens Yahoomail.

Welcome My good friend.

This is a legitimate way to connect to the internet at the comfort of your room. It is not the free browsing the will collapse in some time. Once you are connected you stay connected.
Another interesting point about this is that you can get connected anywhere anytime, if you don’t have your computer with you when away from home you can still browse on your mobile phone and check you email on the go. All you need is your phone, gprs enable sim and you personal computer. And of important is the codes through which you will connect to the internet.

Mind you this is not the free stuff from MTN that does not open yahomail and tother sites,this one is straight and oven fresh hot from the stable of ZAIN and has the edge over MTN and the rest, in that it opens yahoomail and a host of other websites that are hard for MTN free browsing sttings to open.

In this package you would be getting,

How to configure your sim, both manually and automatically
How to configure your mobile phone manually and automatically
How to configure your laptop/ desktop with either data cable or Bluetooth.
How to make over N35, 000 monthly connecting people to this service.

Mind you I am not trying to rip you off your cash with what does not work but I am here to give you something efficient and geniune.

To get this package just pay a token of #1,000 to the account number below.

P.S: just for the first 7 orders and after that be ready to pay #5,000 the original price.

So act fast and get it now for just #1,000

Payment Details
Name: Anayo Ezinwa
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) any branch
Account no:5225802261590
After payment text your name, amount , teller no, your
email address and phone no to 08056370712.

Money Back Guarantee:
If after 30days of buying, studying and implementing
the concept I have for you and it fails you. You are
covered by my 100% no strings attached money back
To your success ……….

Monday, November 3, 2008

Easy ways to open a clickbank account as a Nigerian

Easy Ways to Run an Affiliate Program on Clickbank As A Nigerian.

This report is meant to deliver information pertaining to what the subject matter is all about and should be taken as such; in as much as the information here tries to be up to date it is in no way a legal or accounting advice.

The result that would be achieved from the use of this report depends solely on how well you work with it and the level of your understanding of computer and internet, as results tend to vary based on individual capabilities and strength.

Welcome once again, today I would like to expose you to that secret which has been guarded jealously by Nigerian internet marketers.
The secret is none other than how to open and run a clickbank affiliate program from where ever you are, even in your local village in Nigeria.
Due to the profitability and no start up capital nature of affiliate programs, everyone that wants to make a reasonable money online cue into affiliate marketing, which has the potential of turning around one’s fortune in a space of weeks. Yes that’s the magic of affiliate program. But as there abound the profitability, so also lies the hitches and problems that makes the profitability seems unachievable. And one of them is the blacklisting of Nigerians from the affiliate site that seems to be the heavy weight when it comes to affiliate marketplace (clickbank).
It is now no headline news that someone in Nigeria can sign up as an affiliate marketer on clickbank, make his money, and withdraw it to his savings account here in Nigeria.
How…. You may ask? It is perfectly possible but, for you to be able to do it, you must be true to yourself that you are not going to come up with another form of scam that will stop those who are genuinely seeking for ways to make legit money from this uncovered way.
Let’s go, to be able to succeed as a legit affiliate marketer and bypass the hitches raised by clickbank against Nigerians, you must have,
1. A Graphcard or Fastecash account or a combination of both.
2. A download of hot-spot shield software.

Graphcard and Fastecash are nothing but online payment processors which help countries being blacklisted online to do business. With a free account on this website you can then acquire a Virtual address which gives you a foreign presence online and with that nobody except you can tell that you are in Nigeria.

With your free account on any of the payment processing site above you can also generate a debit card for your online shopping. But to get that done, you have to fund your account to the tune of the amount you want spend.

To get your own free account all you do is just click on these links or activate your account and you are in for a go.

Please read their terms and conditions before applying.

With that settled, you now launch your browser for a download of the hot spot shield software which is available a after downloading it, run it on your computer by going to the folder your stored it into, double click on it to install it on your system.
Once installed all left for you to do is, head straight to clickbank or any website that has refused you access in the past just for the sake of browsing with a Nigerian I.P address.

But before doing that just log on to to see the I.P address of the network you are using.

The good thing about this software is that, it assigns you an I.P address which gives you an American presence and provides you a professional protection and security .
You can also use this software to your own advantage in the buying of goods and services from websites that restrict your country.
With your free and activated account on or and your virtual address (American address),you then download, launch and run the hotspot shield software.

Once you are connected and your I.P address is swapped, you will discover a hotspot shield icon has turned green on your task bar.
With all these set, you are now left with your self as the only restriction to signing up on clickbank.

Head straight to clickbank and sign up as an affiliate marketer with your Virtual address from graphcard.
The good thing about this software is that you can do your online surveys and other internet businesses which have a form of restriction for your country.

So what next, do the above diligently and you are on your way to being a successful affiliate marketer, with this I hope you have no restriction whatsoever to succeed as an affiliate marketer.
To Your success
Anayo Ezinwa.
For more questions, comments, resources and information, email or call +2348056370712 for fast and efficient services.

If you have found this report informative or of no good use to you, please pass it on to your friends, family members, and colleague etc because someone out there may be in earnest need of this kind of information.

About the Author,

Anayo Ezinwa, a successful affiliate marketer, global payment processors funding (buying & selling of e-gold, e-bullion, PayPal, liberty reserve etc) seminar facilitator, Internet marketer, Domainer(buying and selling), Infopreneur whose uncanny tips, secrets, and unconventional tricks can be gotten by sending an email to

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Welcome to my basement.
Yea, with much buzz lately about making money online, I decided to create this blog to contribute my own quota to make your success journey online quick and well guarded.
You see, I have been online for a very long time now and have seen and done many programs to get to the stage I am, in the course of them all, I have gotten vast experiences which if I decide to stay and enjoy alone without inviting you over to be my guest you would think of me as been selfish. But that is not the case here because as I have invited you to be my guest, it is now left for you to graduate from been my guest to my friend.
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In as much as you have been to my basement, for you to be a welcomed guest you must have to abide by my basement rules for you to benefit immensely from the money making resources I would be giving out here for free.
My basement rules are;
If you are in for a get-rich-quick scheme, I am sorry check the next basement.
The more you frequent this basement, the much bonus you would receive as a friend of the basement.
If you are in anyway lazy to try out the information my basement would be rolling out from time to time, I am sorry forget about being my guest.
With the above been clearly read and understood, I would like to ask what would you want me to offer you. Ask whatsoever question about internet money making opportunities at or comment on it on this blog site or better still call me 08056370712 for easy and quick services.

Until you are my guest again, keep asking me questions….
Anayo Ezinwa