Earn $400 Overnight Tried and Tested

Earn $400 Overnight Tried and Tested

That happened to be the exact title of a new report I came across recently. I was skeptical about if it was going to deliver on what it promised.
But since it was a report shared freely by a member of a group I decided to download the report and practice the method it professes.

Did it deliver? Yes, it did but there is one hurdle yet to finally cross before I will rightly confirm that it delivered.

Before I tell you about the final hurdle yet to cross to fully confirm this method before promoting it or even selling it, let me give you a brief intel on what the method is all about.

The method does not require any capital investment whatsoever and is all about a Telegram Bot that pays in bitcoin for viewing ads.

It requires just a Telegram application.

Here is how it works;

You join the Bitcoin Ads Telegram Bot.

You view ads and when you do, you get 0.0001142 for each ad viewed.

The clicking of the Ads manual on Telegram would be very tiring and boring and won't make you $400 overnight. A self clicking script was created that would run in the background of the computer browser clicking on the Ads every 30seconds. That's the beauty of the whole process. Everything runs on autopilot and makes you money effortlessly.

I have deployed the method and as at the point of writing this piece, I have so far made 0.04099btc. Not bad for doing nothing other than running a self Ad clicking script on my browser.

On the image is a screenshot of the bot and on the right-hand side is the self clicking script running while I am even typing this piece.

Actually, I have reached the payment threshold and the only thing left is to refer 10 persons to the system.

Mind you, the said 10 persons are joining for FREE, no monetary attachment or commitment whatsoever is required to join the system.

To cash out the earnings and withdraw you must refer 10persons or upgrade, but I do not want to invest any kobo till everything plays out perfectly and I withdraw the earnings successfully. Maybe I can japa from the system or go all in big time.

The report I told you about earlier that introduced me to this has a screenshot of a successful cashout and withdrawal, also with a link of the transaction on the bitcoin network. I need to confirm things myself, hence I want to cash out and see things for myself before I can believe and promote this big time.

I need just 10 persons to join me and run this codedly underground and if it truly works we cash out big time before revealing the exact method for at a huge fee to others. If it does not work we bounce. After all, no monetary investment was involved.

Are you gonna be among the lucky 10persons found worthy to test this system?

Here is an open invitation, join now and make up the 10 persons.

If it really pays, we enjoy, cash out big time, and if it doesn't pay, we just forget it and bounce. Nothing ventured nothing gained. No harm in trial

To be among the Lucky 10 beta testers willing to join the race, click on this link to join my telegram group http://premiumvpntunnel.com/TGG
Send me a WhatsApp message on 08144548946 so I can add you to the group.

Once the 10slots are up I will revoke the link. So if you click on the link and it is no longer working know that it has been revoked and the offer has expired.
P.S: This is entirely FREE and does require and monetary commitment yet comes with bitcoin rewards.
Let's do guys!!

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