MTN GLO Airtel 9Mobile Night Data Bundle Plan

These days when data bundle has become a necessity more than a luxury, data subscribers are required to have an active data bundle at every time of the day to keep abreast of happenings in the world. Keeping up could put a financial strain on one's pocket. When data bundle subscriptions begin to dig a hole in your pocket, it makes logical sense to settle for any of the cheap night data bundle plans on any of the various mobile networks, to download those huge files and stream those your favorites movies.

Night data bundle plans come very handily when you have the need for quite a large amount of data for streaming, downloading and other data needs. Spare you day data bundle plans and go for night data bundle plans because they come in large amount for cheap little prices. Imagine getting 250mb for 25naira.

Though you get a large data bundle for a cheap amount you get to sacrifice your night sleep to enjoy same. The various mobile networks have similar night bundle plans but slightly different in their modes of operation. All of the night bundle plans work between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

The various night bundle plans have gone through different stages of moderation and re-structuring to get what is currently obtainable, which may go through yet another modification with time. But in the meantime, as at the time of writing this piece here is what obtains the various mobile networks in Nigeria.

MTN Night Data Bundle Plan

On MTN Nigeria you get only two night data bundle packages.

250MB for 25naira and;

500MB for 50naira.

The maximum data bundle a subscriber can subscribe to in a single night is 500Mb. Meaning there is a 500mb restriction in which a subscriber cannot go beyond in a single night. It could be double 250mb or a single 500mb subscription.

Subscription To MTN Night Bundle Plan

To subscribe to any of the MTN Night data bundle plans you must be in MTN pulse prepaid plan. Only subscribers on the MTN pulse prepaid plan can enjoy the night data bundle.

To migrate to MTN pulse prepaid plan through;

SMS: send 406 to 131

USSD: Dial *406#

To check your current MTN prepaid plan simple check your airtime balance and you will see it before your airtime or dial *123*1*2#

Migration to MTN prepaid plan is FREE but attracts a fee of #100 if you have migrated to any other MTN prepaid plan within 30days.

When you have migrated successfully to the MTN pulse prepaid plan you are now fully eligible to enjoy the MTN night data bundle plan.

To subscribe to the MTN 250mb night data bundle plan for 25naira, Text NT1 to 131.

For 500mb MTN night bundle plan which goes for 50naira, Text NT2 to 131.

For reasons best known to MTN, you cannot check the night data bundle balance through the regular data balance check method. You need to monitor your data usage through your mobile phone data usage if you use your phone for browsing or tether it to your PC using the hotspot, though MTN will send you a notification when you are about to exhaust the data. You can, however, make use of the Internet meter lite app to monitor your data usage.

MTN night bundle plan does not support data rollover. Whatever unused data you have leftover before 5:00am expires and gets wiped off and can no longer be used again.

Airtel Night Bundle Plan

Airtel night bundle plan also comes in one variant; 250mb for 25naira, though it could be accumulated up to 1.25gb in a single night. That is, you can subscribe to 250mb for 5times.

Airtel night data bundle plan is available only to customers on Smart Trybe 2.0 prepaid plan.

To migrate to Airtel smart trybe 2.0 prepaid plan dial *312# and from the option displayed reply with 1 (migrate)

To check if the migration to smart trybe was successful or check beforehand the airtel prepaid plan you are currently on dial *121*3*5#

Migration to airtel smart trybe prepaid plan is FREE but attracts a fee of #100(naira) if you are migrating from another prepaid plan within a period of 30days.

Subscription To Airtel Night Bundle Plan

As you already know airtel has only one night bundle plan, 250MB for 25naira.
To subscribe to it, simply dial *312# and reply with 3 (night browsing(N25 for 250MB. Valid 12-5am)).
On a successful subscription, you will get a notification from airtel.

The good thing about airtel night bundle plan is that you get the chance to subscribe again and again within the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am up to 5times, accumulating 1.25gb in the process. It could be done after exhausting the allotted 250mb or at once.

The unsued data does not expire by 5:00am but rollover to the next night. It expires at the exact time the subscription was done the subsequent night. For example, if you subscribe to airtel night bundle plan twice by 2:00am in the night, accumulating 500mb in the process, and ended up using just 300mb before 5:00am. The unused/leftover data balance of 200MB won’t expire but will rollover to the next night. It will expire at exactly 2:00am the following night which happens to be the time it was subscribed to the previous night.

Just like MTN night bundle plan, you cannot check data usage and data balance of this night bundle plan using the regular code, *140#. You can monitor data usage using this android app internet meter lite app, that is only if you use your android phone to browse of share its connection to your PC and other internet-enabled devices through.

Glo Night Bundle Plan

Earlier, it was Airtel and MTN that were the players in the night data bundle sphere offering 250mb and 500mb for cheap prices. Glo at that time had its own night data bundle plan but it was for 200naira for 1gb.

This very moment globacom have decided to join the league of mobile networks offering cheap night data bundle plans. They joined the game and decided to shatter the table, spread the data, and have everyone enjoy as much data as one can consume in a single night as they seem not to have a maximum limit.

Globacom has 3 night data bundle plans on offer;

250mb for 25naira

500mb for 50naira

1gb for 100naira

Glo night data bundle plan is open and available to all Glo prepaid customers irrespective of prepaid plan.

They come active within the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am. The 1gb for 100naira has a validity of 5days(nights).

Subscription To Glo Night Data Bundle Plan

To subscribe to any glo night data bundle plan dial *777#

Reply with 1 (Buy Data)

Reply again with 1 (Buy Data Plan)

Reply with either 1 or 2
1 for (Auto-Renew)
2 for (One-off)

Reply with 7 (Night and Weekend Plans)

At this very point, reply with;

1 for (N25= 250MB 1Day (12am-05am)

2 for (N50= 500MB 1Day (12am-05am)

3 for (N100= 1GB 5Days (12am-05am)

You can, however, go through the USSD code method;

250mb for 25naira dial this USSD code *127*15#

500mb for 50naira dial this USSD code *127*30#

1gb for 100naira dial this USSD code *127*31#

Glo nite data bundle plan supports multiple data subscriptions in a single night. That is, you can subscribe again and again when you exhaust the allotted data.

It also has the data rollover feature and completes the 24hour cycle before it expires. Though only active within the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am, unused data expires at the same exact time the subscription was made the previous night.

How To Check Glo Night Data Bundle Balance.

To check Glo night data bundle balance dial *777# and reply with the appropriate number or simply dial *127*0#

9mobile Night Data Bundle Plan

9mobile happens to be the only odd network out of the pack at this very moment as they have no cheap night data bundle plan like the others. The least available night bundle plan on 9mobile is 250MB for #50(naira) and it is available to only morecliq prepaid plan subscribers.

9mobile has two night data bundle plans;

One for morecliq prepaid customers and another for every other customer.

9mobile Nite Bundle Plan for MoreCliq Subscribers

This night bundle plan is specially made for Morecliq subscribers and for you to enjoy it, you must be on MoreCliq prepaid plan.

Migration To MoreCliq Prepaid Plan

New 9mobile customers can migrate to morecliq prepaid plan during activation of the sim by dialing 200, select language, listen attentively to the voice prompt and replying with the appropriate number.

Existing 9mobile customers can migrate to morecliq prepaid plan through dialing this USSD code *200*4*2#
Migration to morecliq prepaid plan is free for both new customers and existing customers. However, existing customers must not have migrated to any other prepaid plan prior to then within a 30day period, else a charge of #100 applies.

To check the 9mobile prepaid plan you are currently on dial 239 and listen to the voice prompt or dial *200*2*6#

Subscription to 9mobile Nite bundle plan for Morecliq Subscribers

To subscribe to 9mobile 250mb for 50naira night bundle plan exclusive to morecliq susbcribers dial *229*10*10#

Subscribing to 9mobile Nite bundle plan for All Subscribers

The 9mobile night bundle plan which is available to other 9mobile customers irrespective of prepaid plan offers 1GB data for #200.

The subscription code is *229*3*11#.

Both night bundle plans, for morecliq subscribers and other prepaid subscribers, come with data rollover and allow for multiple subscriptions in a single night.

They also expire at the completion of a 24hour cycle but only available within the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am. Data leftover after 5:00am becomes inactive till 12:00am the following night but expires at the exact time of subscription once it completes the 24hour cycle.

To check the 9mobile night data bundle balance both for morecliq subscribers and other prepaid customers, dial *228#.

Finally, it is also worthy of note that, every active day data bundle plan gets paused and becomes inactive, within the hours of 12:00 to 5:00am or till it gets exhausted, whenever a night bundle plan is active. It applies to all the networks.

The decision is now yours to make as you have gone through the night bundle plans the various mobile networks have on offer. You need to make the right decision depending on the network that meets your needs and one with the best network coverage and strong signal in your area.


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