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Friday, January 27, 2012

Etisalat Dot Me

Etisalat DotMe is a SMS based bulletin board service from Etisalat that gives you the flexibility of instantly publishing information to other mobile phone subscribers through SMS.

Riding on the crest of "Information is just a DOT away" Etisalat dot me lets you share and receive information and updates while on the go.

Etisalat DotMe is a communication tool that helps you stay connected with all your contacts.
It also serves as a mobile marketing tool that keep businesses connected to every customer that has a mobile phone.

The bottomline of Etisalat DotMe is just bringing the power of social media networking to the SMS level where there is no internet connectivity, smart phone or hi-tech device barrier. With just any kind of mobile phone, you are ON, Dotting with Etisalat DOT ME.

How it works

Etisalat DotMe works like the ordinary social media networking sites where you post and update your status.

Etisalat DotMe is so simple to use. It works like your ordinary Text Message.

To start dotting all you need to do is Text dot(. that is full stop) followed by your Status update (usually 140 characters) to 8900

For example;
.I'm out of town this weeekend
Then send to 8900

.join our community and win fabolous gifts at
Then send to 8900

Infact whatever message that you want to share with your mobile contact. Be it business promo, birthday, anniversary so long as it falls within 140 characters.

Your message (published Dot Me) is valid for 30days unless you cancel it.
To cancel your posted DotMe update, send full stop symbol (.) to 8900

You can update your status as many times as you want each day.
Anyone who has the mobile number you sent the update with can dot you to get your latest posted status.

To follow/retrieve/view the latest status update from a dotter, simply send a Text with Dot symbol (.) to his/her mobile phone number. You will receive a response of what latest update the dotter has posted.


DOTTING: Each posting of a Dot Message costs #1.

FOLLOWING: To view, retrieve or follow a Dot Message you are charged #1 for Etisalat subscribers. For other networks, regular SMS rates apply.

For more information, visit or Text HELP to 8900

Terms and conditions apply.



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Edit Your Results; WAEC JAMB GCE

The exams are over and the results have been released and published. Oh! your expectations of some nice and wonderful grades/scores/result were not met.
Funny ideas will then begin creep into your mind as per how to remedy the situation.
One of such ideas being how to edit the result with one online trick.
You must have heard that one can edit his/her WAEC, JAMB, NECO or GCE result. BE WARNED, THERE IS NO SUCH THING.
You can only succeed in editing the one you print out and not the main result in NECO, WAEC or JAMB database. So even if you trick your parents, guardians, brothers, sisters and admission officers with an edited result, be rest assured that whenever the exam body (WAEC, GCE OR JAMB) finally releases your original result(s), your original failure is still what you will get.
Some FLY BY NIGHT CROOKS have even started telling you to pay money into their bank accounts while yet other crooks will ask you to send them recharge cards so that they will give you the information on how to edit WAEC, GCE and JAMB results. Listen to none of them.
There is NOTHING like editing an already published WAEC, GCE or JAMB results.
The one and only way to edit any of your JAMB, WAEC or GCE results is to READ YOUR BOOKS!!!
For clarity sake, I repeat, The one and only way to edit any of your JAMB, WAEC or GCE results is to READ YOUR BOOKS!!!
BE WARNED, BE WISE. Let Nobody deceive you.
A published and released JAMB, GCE, NECO or WAEC result can NEVER be edited.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How To Activate Etisalat 3G

Unlike every other mobile network operator in Nigeria that launched
their 3G service with automatic activation, Etisalat Nigeria launched
their own 3G service crookedly prompting subscribers to activate it
through data bundle subscription. What CHAGRIN……
To make matters even worse, Etisalat customer care representatives
will tell you that before you activate Etisalat 3G service you need to
subscribe for at least 200mb data bundle with #1,000 (one thousand
Of course, the speed of browsing the internet with 3G is better
experienced than imagined at over 7mbps. The efficiency of 3G services
notwithstanding, using it as a bait luring subscribers into parting
with their hard earned money in the guest of activating Etisalat 3G is
out of the picture.
Relax……. Let's now paint a bigger picture of how to activate and enjoy
3G service on Etisalat with just #100. There's no rocket science
attached to it.
Make sure you have up to #100 on you Etisalat line and you zone is on
the Etisalat 3G network coverage area. Currently, Etisalat 3G service
is available in 14 cities in Nigeria namely Lagos, Abuja, Port
Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Zaria, Warri, Enugu, Aba, Awka, Nnewi,
Onitsha and Benin.
Having certified that you qualify for the above;
Simply Dial *499*2*2#

After that you will get a confirmatory message in the form of "WELCOME
The above data bundle subscription code is a Blackberry daily data
bundle plan and that is what works the Etisalat 3G activation magic.
Next, go to your PHONE/MODEM network settings and switch over to

As at the time of writing this, the above method works perfectly well
in activating Etisalat 3G. Who knows they may checkmate it anytime
soon or allow every Etisalat line an automatic 3G activation. Until
then, keep on activating Etisalat 3G with the above method.
Mind you, once you activate any data bundle plan on Etisalat it
automatically renews itself after it expires. To stop you Etisalat
line from auto renewal of data bundle Dial *229*0# OR Text, STOP to
ETISALAT……Now you are not just TALKING but 3GGiiNNNGG………


Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Cancel (Stop) Etisalat Data Bundle Auto Renewal

Etisalat data bundle subscription has an auto renewal effect which makes it renew itself at the expiration of the data bundle an Etisalat subscriber subscribed for so long as the Etisalat subscriber has enough airtime on his/her Etisalat line the moment the data bundle finishes.

For example, an Etisalat subscriber subscribes for the 10mb daily data bundle which ordinarily will last for 24hours. On the expiration of the 24hours the data bundle will not only expire but will automatically subscribe a new daily data bundle for the Etisalat user so long as their is #100 airtime on the subscribers line.

In the same vein, if an Etisalat subscriber subscribes for the weekly 50mb, it will auto renew itself at the end of the expiration of the data bundle and automatically deduct the said amount from the subscribers airtime so long as the airtime is big enough to effect the renewal.

The same way it goes for every other Etisalat data bundle package.
To stop the above scenario, that is, your Etisalat line from auto renewal of data bundle. All you need to do is simply;
Dial *229*0#
TEXT, Stop to 229
With any of the above format applied your Etisalat line will stop to renew your data bundle automatically.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


India web proxy when passed through proxifier allows you to access
HTTPS sites and sites with SSL encryption.

To set it up all you need to do is;

Download proxifier version 3 from

Launch your proxifier software.

Then set it up with India web proxy any version from version 3 as follows;

From The Menu Bar, Click on PROFILE.


A small window appears. Look at the Right side and click ADD.

Another window appears, at the Address under server. Enter
PORT; 6052. Then Tick/mark HTTPS.

Click on OK. Still also click OK to exit the other window.

You will then get a message that reads "you do not have any proxy
servers enabled in Options-> proxification_Rules.Do you want to edit
Proxification Rules now?"

Click Yes.

On the window that will show you will see javaw.exe[auto-created] tick
it then go to Action, pull down the pull-down menu and select DIRECT.

Click OK.

Then go back to PROFILE from your Menu Bar. Click on ADD.

From the Window displayed.

On Name, change the "NEW" there to the Name of the program you want to
pass through proxifier or leave the NEW as it is.

On the next box which is APPLICATION, click on BROWSE which is at the
right below the box.

Browse through you system hard drive for your program files mainly the
C: drive.
Locate the program files and search for your Mozilla Firefox or any
other program or application you want to pass through Proxifier.

The programs will always be in a folder. Open the folder of the
particular program and search for the main program icon mainly .exe
files. Once you locate it double click on it or use the open.

After that move all the way down and look for ACTION at the down-left
hand corner. Pull down the arrow- down menu and select PROXY HTTPS

Click on OK.

Also click OK on the other window.

You (may) will receive a message "None of your enabled Proxification
Rules have a proxy as Action. It means that Proxifier will not use
proxy Server(s) to process connections. Is this the intent?"

Click YES.

Now you are done.

Open your Mozilla or the application you added to the proxifier and
Select NO PROXY.

Whenever you start up your India Web Proxy, you need to activate port
6052. To do this change your browser proxy settings back to
port 6052 and try opening any site at all. India web proxy will then
show you a message "PORT 6052 ACTIVATED"

After that switch the browser back to NO PROXY.

That's all……….

However, I have made everything very easy for you from this link
you can download a file where you have the Proxifier version 3
software, the registration key alongside how to set the proxifier to
work with india web proxy.

Now go ahead and enjoy your India web proxy with Proxifier.


If you are yet to get a paid (data Plan) India web proxy username and
account visit

For problems, observations or suggestions call me on 08056370712,
07035304716 or 08183842270

You can also hook up with me on




2GO (username); xzynwa

You can appreciate this good work with whatever you deem necessary………


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Monday, January 2, 2012

Etisalat Free SMS ( Call Me Back SMS)

Have you been wondering how to get across to your friend, colleague,
partner etc on etisalat network but have no airtime on your phone or
you simply want to play a fast one and save the credit on your phone
whilst getting the attention of whoever you want to get you.

Relax, Etisalat free SMS/ Call me back sms help you achieve that.

It simply helps you notify another etisalat user of whatever situation
is on ground.

Below you get to find the various Etisalat Free SMS/ Call Me Back SMS
options and the codes of how to send them.

Please call me back, Thank you *266*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I love you *266*1*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I landed safely *266*2*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I am now available *266*3*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, It is an emergency *266*4*Etisalat No#

To send call me back sms to another Etisalat user all you need to do
is Dial *266* the corresponding number value depending on the call me
back sms format you want to make use of, the person's etisalat number,
# then SEND.

Example; To Send a call me back to an etisalat number with the Please
call me back I love you option. all you need to do is, Dial

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GLO Free Browsing Settings On India Web Proxy

India web Proxy free browsing bug has caught up with GLO.

The above statement means that you can now enjoy free browsing with
India web proxy on Glo Mobile Network.

To get started you need to download the version 4.2.8 at INDIA WEB PROXY FREE DOWNLOAD>

Of course you should know that you need to have java runtime on your system/PC to be able to run india web proxy.
Download and instal it

Here comes the Settings

Make sure that you create a New access Point on your modem or Nokia PC
suite with access point name; glosecure

When that is done open up your India web proxy version 4.2.8 and
configure it thus;

Web Host :

Web Port : 80#443

Username and Password; CALL 08056370712 TO BUY A DATA PLAN

Proxy Url :

Proxy Host :

Port : 80

Username: web


Uncheck SSL

Then Make sure that you Select : Internet-3-G

Then START PROXY.............................

Of course configure your browser and applications to;


PROXY PORT: 6053 or 6052


If you are yet to get an India web proxy USERNAME and PASSWORD sign up
for free at

After that you then need to pay for monthly data plan of either
8gb,18gb or unlimited data plan.

You can pay with your libertyreserve account.

Moreover, I can help you get any data plan you need at the following prices.

8GB For 1Month=================#1000.

8GB For 3Months=================#2,500

18GB For 1Month==================#2,200

18GB For 3Months==================#3,000

UNLIMITED FOR 1MONTH=========#2,500

Simply go to any branch of the bank below and pay in the money.

BANK NAME: Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria. GTB

ACCOUNT NAME: Anayo Emmanuel

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0041120852

After paying in the money, Text your name, E-mail address, The data
plan paid for And the teller no.To 08056370712

Mind you, you can team up with your friends and colleagues to pay for
and share a given India Web Proxy DATA PLAN.

For any question, complaint, suggestion and observation. CALL 08056370712.

To make you international web proxy (IWP) work faster to its maximum
potential, you need to boost its connection speed with PROXIFIER :

Don't you think I need a pat on the back for this discovery ?........
A Recharge card (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT) of any Amount won't be enough to
just say THANK YOU to ME.


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