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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glo Free Browsing With TunnelGuru

TunnelGuru has now come on board again as it has opened up the firewall of Glo for free browsing.That is, you get connected for FREE with #0.0K, No subscription whatsoever and No BIS whahala.

No much stories this time around just go through the  processes  below and you will find yourself rocking the internet for FREE with your Glo line with the one and only TunnelGURU

Get a Glo sim that has no money on it. #0.0k

Create an New Profile Connection on your modem with the Access Point Name (APN) glosecure


Download the New and latest version version of Tunnel Guru from even if you already have it before now, choose either the 32bit or 64bit depending on the Bit the system you want to install it runs on.

If this is the first time you are using TunnelGuru you should have Java Runtime installed on your system. Download Javaruntime from HERE and install it to your system

Extract the already downloaded Tunnelguru to another location on your system, desktop  preferably.

Locate the Tunnelguru folder where you  extracted  it to. Open the folder, Launch the TunnelGuru Application and configure it thus;

Web Host:   

Web Port: 80#443

UserName: Get it from

Password: Get it from

Proxy URL:

Proxy host:   OR use any of these;



(torrent allowed)

GERMAN (torrent allowed)

 Port = 80#443

Select Internet 7-M

Untick-  SSL

Untick- Buffered

Click on Start proxy.

A prompt comes up "Patch applied" Click OK 

Another Prompt comes up with the Error 5 message “ Error5: NoRoute to Host Exception: No route to host: connect No SSL connection using given port Only TG port-6053 will not work. You can Try again". 

Leave the message and connect your modem with the glosecure access point you created earlier.

Now Click OK on the Error 5 message that was earlier displayed.

On the successful connection of it another Prompt comes up this time with the message “Successful :HTTP Connection found – TG Ports 6051, 6054, 6055, 6056, 6052 are enabled Now. Except 6051 you can use other ports using proxifier and VPN als. Please check all ports which give better speed for you". Click OK.

Next, Click on the VPN TUNNEL side of your TunnelGuru and configure it as follows;

Server: Pull down the arrow down head and choose any server with TCP

Rport: Pull down the arrow down head and select 80

Lport: Leave it at 0

User: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (create a FREE user account Here)

Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (create a FREE user account Here)

Uncheck The Tunnel DNS Query

Protocol: Select TCP

Tick/Check the Use Proxy box and Type in

Click on START.

A prompt comes up with the message “ It is suggested not to use or locahost as Proxy Host. Better Enter Valid Interface IPV4 IP. In windows You can run IPCONFIG command to check it. Continue Anayway.
Click Ok.

Wait a little while and on a successful connection, your Tunnel Guru minimizes itself to your Taskbar with the notification “VPN SUCCESSFULLY CONNECTED NOW.

P.S; TunnelGuru gives you UNLIMITED browsing with your Glo connection but you need to pay for it. For just #700 or $3.5 of Perfectmoney or $4 of Paypal you get UNLIMITED tunnelGuru UNLIMITED browsing.

To Pay simply click on this LINK for the payment details.

Should you encounter and problems setting it up let me know at 08056370712

Enjoy Yourself............

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

MTN BIS Subscription Browsing On PC With Your Freedom

MTN BIS blackberry subscription can be used to browse on PC with the help of your freedom. Oh yes! You got it right. 

Your freedom may not be in category of your regular VPN which makes you wonder how possible it is that it works with MTN BIS subscription.

Relax as that is what I will be exposing to you right away.

First things first, subscribe for any of the MTN BBC (Blackberry complete) package either daily, weekly or monthly.

To subscribe TEXT;

BBCDAY to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#100)

BBCWEEK to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#500)

BBC to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#1,000)

Next, create a NEW PROFILE connection on your PC through your modem interface with as the Access Point Name (APN).

CLICK HERE to create a FREE User Your Freedom Account

Install the freedom software to your system.

Launch it and Configure it thus;

ADDRESS: or Click on the WIZARD button beside it to search for a working server.

PORT: 500



 Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION and enter the account details you created earlier or CLICK HERE to create a free freedom user account.

Click on PORTS, On the local services option only tick (socks 4/5, web proxy, relay for others & flatten traffic bursts)

Click on messages, Tick auto scroll and select minimum level: DEBUG

Click Ok

After the configuration click on save and exit.

Now connect your modem with that New profile connection( you created earlier.

Click on START CONNECTION on you freedom

What do you see? The freedom client opens and is working with your MTN BIS.

Configure your Browsers and Applications to use the proxy;



Tick use this proxy server for all protocols.

If you have so much used the various VPNs (pdproxy,sandwich vpn, TunnelGuru, Tweakware VPN) out there with your MTN BIS subscription, you will recognize that there is no need for Proxy configuration on Browsers and applications .To achieve the same with your freedom you need to install OPEN VPN on your system. DOWNLOAD OPEN VPN HERE

After installing the openvpn, open your freedom and carefully look for and 

Click on PORTS then Tick the following boxes; OpenVPN Port and Use UDP for OPENVPN

Now Start your connection. Once fully connected enjoy as there is now no need for proxy configuration.

If you need more in terms of Speed and general efficiency then you should consider upgrading to either the TOTAL or ENHANCED FREEDOM PACKAGE

Now relax and enjoy your MTN BIS subscription on PC with your freedom.

P.S  Do you know that you can save yourself the stress and enjoy better speed and maximum enjoyment with your MTN BIS subscription on PC with TWEAKWARE VPN for just #600 monthly. Check it out HERE

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chat with your GTALK friends on 2Go mobile messenger (Activate GTALK Gateway on 2Go Mobile messenger)

2gomobile messenger came with such a big bang, frenzy and thrill any mobile messenger app has ever brought before that many people enjoyed to the fullest way back then though some are still enjoying it’s new and exciting features even at this very moment.

To some, 2go mobile messenger now belongs to the archive with the launch of whatsapp, BBM and the likes while to some 2go mobile messenger is still very much relevant in the scheme of things with regards to mobile messaging.

Personally, I use 2go mobile messenger just because of two exclusive features which are the FACEBOOK GATEWAY AND GTALK GATEWAY as they give me the chance to chat with my online Facebook friends and Gtalk friends on the same interface with nothing changed so long as they are online.

Basically, Gtalk is an online chat /messenger from Google through Gmail. That is, an application through which you can chat with your Gmail friends, Google+ (Plus) friends and (Google) Hangout friends all through a single Google account which can be easily gotten from

Gtalk ordinarily is a computer application though with advent of smart phones, the application has found itself in the mainstream of smart phone mobile messaging. However, 2go mobile messenger incorporates about 4 messengers into itself (Gtalk, Facebook, Mixt and 2go) which gives you the chance to chat with any of your online friends on these platforms all at the same time, that is, you don’t need to be switching between applications on your mobile device when you want to chat with various friends on different chat applications so long as they available and online at the moment you launch the 2go mobile messenger so long as you have activated the Gateway for each of them on your 2go mobile messenger.
We shall be exploring how to activate the Gtalk gateway on 2go mobile messenger. Check out How to activate facebook Chat/Gateway on 2go mobile messenger.

Firstly, you need to already to have a Google Account with added friends. Don’t already have a Google Account, NO WAHALA, just sign up for a Free at With that settled, you need to Login to your 2go account the usual way.

Scroll down to where you have SETTINGS and click on it.

Select/ click on GATEWAYS.

Choose Gtalk Gateway and Click on ACTIVATE.

Now a message appears on your screen “Before you can begin chatting with your GTALK FRIENDS. Please enter your GTALK USERNAME AND PASSWORD and then press *Submit”.

Just wait a lil bit, once the Gtalk username and password you provide is correctly verified you will get a message telling you that your GTALK gateway has been successfully activated.

Your Gtalk friends will now appear on your 2go chat screen. Now you have a No-Hold-Barred access you your Gtalk friends as you can chat with them on your 2go mobile messenger.

To add the Facebook Gateway to your 2go mobile messenger so that you can also chat with your online facebook friends on 2go check it out HERE How to activatefacebook Chat/Gateway on 2go mobile messenger.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mobile Spy; Track The Activities Of Someone’s Mobile Activities

Mobile spy as an app comes handy for someone who feels insecure about the activities of their spouse, lover, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, employee(s), brother(s), sister(s) etc.

This app got me asking what has happened to TRUST? What on earth could make you feel so insecure as to want to SPY the activities of your spouse, lover, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, employee, brother, sister etc. 

Whatever the case, I only have to let you be informed with the working of this app called MOBILE SPY and it is now left for you to SPY or not to SPY the mobile activities of anyone. However, on the contrary, Mobile spy can be a very useful tool when it comes to keeping track of the mobile activities of your children so as to monitor the sites they visit, the people they chat with  so as to save them from danger.

Mobile spy gives you the chance to monitor and keep track of the following;

Record text messages

Block applications

View videos and photos taken

Lock the details of calls that have been made or received

Track GPS locations

Monitor the websites that have been viewed

Lock the device

Invariably, you have an unrestricted access to the phone of whoever you install it on, that is you get to monitor the persons Text messages (SMS), chats on every mobile messenger app installed on the phone, get exactly the location of wherever the phone user is through GPS, to cut the long story short, mobile spy gives you unrestricted access to the phone where you installed it on.

However, mobile spy can also be helpful for personal usage, that is, you may install it on your phone to monitor the activities of any third party who has access to your phone or in the case of loss you can use mobile spy to track the location of the person using your phone, track his activities through call, who is calling the phone, what’s being said, where the person is located, social media activities and much more. Who knows, you may effectively spy his activities and track him.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?
Mobile spy works effectively once installed. All you need to do is, install the mobile spy tracking app on the mobile device you want to monitor/spy.

You now need to open a mobile spy account as that is where the activities of the monitored phone would be uploaded to. That is, once you log into you mobile spy account online you will see the activities of the monitored device.

So anyday, anytime you want to see the activities of the monitored mobile device, all you need to do is login to your account and there you go all the upload activities will be there for you.

How Can I Get Mobile Spy?

Mobile spy has a FREE TRIAL version which lasts for 7days in which time you are allowed to explore the app and make up your mind if it is a good app to have. At the expiration of the 7days you are now prompted to buy the PRO version. The PRO version of Mobile spy costs so if you think that the safety of your kids are of paramount importance to you then pay the price to have a mobile app help you monitor and spy them.
On the other hand if you can’t trust your spouse, lover, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, employee, brother, sister etc that much then you have to pay this app to spy them and help you keep track of their illegal activities.

To Get the Trial Version of the Mobile spy app all you need to do is Register for a FREE account. 

Register an account here with username and password

After that INSTALL the Mobile Spy on the phone of the victim you want to spy and launch the program.

With the app fully installed and working on the victims mobile gadget all you need to do is login to the mobile spy web account you opened and there you can view the full logs of the activities of the victim anyday and anytime.

Inasmuch as mobile spy  is a good app that can help you spy and track the mobile activities of  whoever you want efficiently, there is also the MSPY that comes with more services that allow you to keep track of all what’s happening behind the scenes. One of which allows you to monitor the mobile device even if the device makes a call or not. That is, you can turn on the microphone of the environment where the victim is and you can use it to record and monitor the victim’s conversation around the environment where the mobile device is. Though this special feature comes with price addition to what is applicable at MOBILE SPY

You may check out MSPY  to find out its numerous features and benefits to ascertain if it is a good one.

Check out MOBILE SPY and MSPY at so as to compare and contrast their features and find out the one that is good enough for what kind of spy you need.



Friday, July 5, 2013

New and Latest Etisalat Free Browsing With TunnelGuru

TunnelGuru whenever it matters most comes to the fore as the saving
grace when the subject matter is free browsing.

TunnelGuru is at it again rocking at its peak this time around with Etisalat.

No much stories this time around just go get an etisalat sim with no
money on it, that is #0.00.
Now DOWNLOAD any TunnelGuru mode 32bit or 64bit for FREE from

Configure it thus

Web Host:

Web Port: 80 #443


Proxy URL : /code.aspx

OR any of these;



GERMAN (torrent allowed)

Proxy Host:

Port: 80 #443


Lastly Click on START PROXY

Now go to your browsers and applications and configure it as follows
HTTP Proxy:
Port: 6052

For HTTPS use port: 6052 0R 6054 OR 6055

What else? Go ahead and enjoy UNLIMITED, FREE browsing with TunnelGuru
on your Etisalat line.

WAIT! To enjoy UNLIMITED, FREE browsing with TunnelGuru on your
Etisalat line you need to get yourself a PREMIUM TUNNELGURU ACCOUNT.
To get access to it visit

For any question or suggestion Call