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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MTN Blackberry Free Browsing With OpenVPN

MTN Blackberry subscription plan has for quite a period of time has been working on PC and android devices powered by simpleserver, Tunnelguru and TroidVPN (android app). At the very point of writing this piece it is still very active and working that is why I decided to throw in another style to the mix. What style you may ask? It is none other than how to get the same MTN Blackberry lite Plan to work on PC with the help of openVPN.

Why OpenVPN?

Since I dropped the settings to Simpleserver with MTN Blackberry plan and also the video tutorial, some people have always asked me for how to make it work with other applications most especially Torrent clients. I have always referred them to Tunnelguru because with it you get similar experience you get with a paid internet connection as every application on the system works perfectly well, but the downside of it is that it comes with a monthly payment.

OpenVPN client comes to the rescue as it does almost the same work as Tunnelguru powering all system application even torrent clients and best of all it is 100% Free but the protocol involved is a little bit stressful. Anyway nothing good in life comes that easy.

Get set as I take you through the process of getting MTN Blackberry Subscription (Blackberry Lite plan) to work on PC with OpenVPN client.

Subscription Codes For MTN Blackberry Lite Plan

To subscribe for MTN Blackberry plan use any of the codes below;

Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7# for Daily plan. Costs #70

Text BBLITEW to 21600 or Dial *216*8# for Weekly plan. Costs #350

Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9# for Monthly plan. Costs #1,000.

The above codes give you a maximum data limit of 5gb on any of the plans. (Daily, weekly or monthly).

You are going to be needing two files. One is the openvpn client while the other one is the openvpn config file.
You need either the 32bit or 64bit version depending on the bit architecture of your PC.

Download OpenVPN Client 32bit
Download OpenVPN Client 64bit

Download the openvpn client config files HERE.

Install the openvpn client to your system. After that, pin it to your system taskbar or windows start menu for easy access.

Next, right-click on the openvpn client icon, click on PROPERTIES. On the displayed window, look for and click on COMPATIBILITY. Mark/Tick/Check the box with the option, RUN AS ADMIN PRIVILEDGE. Click on APPLY and OK to return and exit.

Extract the OpenVPN config file to any location on your PC, desktop preferably so that you can easily locate it.
Open the openvpn config file folder. Now go through your system root drive and locate the openvpn installation file folder which is inside the program files folder. Confusing right? Don't worry; here is how to easily locate it. Go to your computer C: drive, look for and open the program files, look/search inside the program files folder you will see the openvpn folder. Open that openvpn folder. To make the search easier for you simply open the MY COMPUTER folder, clear whatever you have at the address bar and paste/type C:/program/openvpn.

Once you locate the openvpn folder, open it, look for and open the config files folder, go back and copy all the contents of the openvpn client config files which you had earlier extracted and paste the whole of them inside the config files folder of the openvpn folder.

Next, open the openvpn client application. Click yes when a notification pops out. You can always find the openvpn client application window icon on the system notification area whenever you open it, system notification area is the area where you have the system time and date.
Right-click on the openvpn client application showing on the notification area, click on SETTINGS. On the displayed window, look for and mark/tick the box with the option USE OPENVPN FILE CONFIG. Click on OK.

At this very point everything about the openvpn settings has been completed.
Connect your modem to the internet but before then make sure you have an active MTN Blackberry plan and that your access point name is on .

Right-click on the openvpn client application, click on any of the servers and click on connect.
Wait for it to connect. On a successful connection the openvpn click application turns green.

OpenVPN servers in the config file may experience downtimes at times or may stop working entirely. Do not panic as you can always have access to over 200 openvpn servers in different country locations.

How do you get the servers? Anyway, that's my little secret which I cannot give away here. To have access to this my little secret.

That's it brother, that's how to configure MTN Blackberry Subscription to work on PC with openvpn.

Stay tuned to this blog as I will be reporting how to Configure Openvpn to work with MTN blackberry subscription on android devices.

You may also watch the video tutorial on Youtube

Do you questions or need support, kindly use the comment box below and I will get back to you..



Saturday, October 17, 2015

How To Unlock Etisalat MF190 Modem

Variety they say is the spice of life. Having to choose from different networks while browsing makes it sweet and beautiful but with the ZTE Etisalat MF190 modem which is temporarily locked to the etisalat network, you are restricted from enjoying other networks on your Etisalat MF190 modem.

That should not be so, your ZTE Etisalat MF190 modem is meant to be free so that it can accept other network sims and allow you the chance to choose which network you want to browse it.

Following shortly is an easy and detailed step by step guide on how to unlock Etisalat MF190 modem

To easily unlock the ZTE model MF190 from Etisalat, you need to use DC Unlocker software. The method where you generate the unlock code and input directly on the modem dashboard does not work for this modem.

To get started you need to download the DC Unlocker software. You can download it HERE

Not all versions of DC unlocker can be used to unlock the Etisalat MF190 for free, you need to download the version above which already has some DC Credits which can be used for the unlock.

Download DC Unlocker software for Etisalat ZTE MF190 modem here 

Remove the etisalat sim inside the modem and replace it with any network sim card.

Now plug in the modem to your system and make sure you close the modem interface together with the other network sim and the prompt asking for unlock code.

When you have closed the modem interface, open the dc unlocker software. You may run the dc unlocker straight from the zipped location or extract the contents to another location on your PC. If you choose to extract the contents of the zip file, make sure that the contents are in the same folder else the dc unlocker software will not work properly.

Before you run the Dc unlocker software, make sure that you see the other contents of the folder(dccrap, Readme, Unikey)  just like in the image below.

On the dc crap software click on the Arrow down head just below the Select Manufacturer Section and select ZTE data cards.

On the Select Model section, choose Auto detect (Recommended).

Next, click on Search (the magnifying lens icon with a circle enclosing it). The spot with 3 on the image below.

Wait for the dc-unlocker to search for and locate the modem. When it locates the modem, look at the right hand side of the dc unlocker software and click on UNLOCKING.

Next, click on UNLOCK and wait for the dc unlocker to unlock the modem.

There you have it, on the message area of the Dc unlocker software you will see if the unlocking session was successful or not.  On the image above you can see the message where the red arrow is pointing, "Card Successfully Unlocked" !

Finally, you have an Unlocked Etisalat MF190 modem.

The next step now will be to create a profile connection for any Network sim you want to use.

On the image above you can see that the modem interface is now showing MTN-NG because it has been unlocked and an MTN sim is inside the modem.

To create a profile connection for any network Click on SETTINGS as you can see on the image above.

On the next screen shown, click on ADD and enter the configurations as follows;

Config Filename: MTN

The config file name could be anything but it is advisable to use the network name.

Dial Number: *99#

Tick the box with "Use The Following APN name"

On config, enter the Access Point name (APN) of the network

When you are through with the settings, Click on OK.

Move back to the main interface and click connect. Now you are ready to get connected with network.

Simply click on Connect and get connected.

Below are the Access Point Names for the various Networks.



Etisalat; etisalat

GLO; glosecure or glomms or gloflat

Once the above procedures are correctly done you will have an unlocked functional Etisalat M190 modem.

You may also find these interesting

How to unlock MTN E303 modem

How to unlock Airtel E173 modem 

Generate Huawei Unlock codes Online 


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Extend Your MTN Blackberry Subscription Beyond Expiration Time

The MTN blackberry lite plan ( daily, weekly and monthly) comes with 5gb data allowance when used with either Simpleserver or Tunnelguru, of course that is no longer news.

Light internet users may not even come close to consuming the 5gb data allowance until the time of expiration of the data plan. 

In another scenario, you may be in the middle of a downloading session or have something important doing online when you get that annoying notification message from MTN that you Blackberry lite plan has expired.

Bad as it may seem, the only reasonable option is to subscribe for another blackberry lite plan but in situation where you have no airtime to do the subscription or just in a position where you have no access to airtime or you are in the middle of something important, what do you do?

You can extend your current MTN blackberry lite plan beyond the original expiration time by some hours. How do I do that you may ask?

Relax; here is how to do it. When you get closer to the expiration time on the day your current MTN blackberry plan will expire, what you need to do is simply backdate the date of your phone if you are using a blackberry phone or your android phone if you tether it to your system(as a modem). If you are using it on PC and have the sim with the subscription in a modem what you need to do in this case is to backdate the date of your system.

For example, if the current MTN blackberry plan you subscribed for will expire on 06/10/2015 by 12:00pm what you need to do to extend it beyond that expiration time is to backdate only the phone you are browsing with or using as a modem to let’s say 06/10/2010 and keep browsing or downloading. If you are making use of a modem just change the system date to a year that has long past.

If you use the tweak above you will experience some hitches like;

On phone, you cannot use opera mini, whatsapp and other applications that require real-time update. For browsing on phone you may use other browsers (maxthon, Ucweb, etc). For whatsapp, make sure that you already have it open and working before you backdate.

If you are browsing on PC, some sites may not open perfectly while some may come with the ADD EXCEPTION option.

For this to work effectively the device which you browse with (phone or PC) MUST not go off after you backdate the device (the current data has expired) or MUST not be offline beyond 5minutes. That is, when you have reached the original expiration period and start enjoying the extension period, your device must not go off.

This works only when you are still within the active data period and not when the data plan has already expired. It also works when you still have data left on your current subscription whilst the expiration of the data is some hours/minutes left.

This extension when correctly done may give you 3-6hours or even more beyond the original expiration time.

I have used this effectively to extend the MTN blackberry complete plan (BBC) and also the MTN blackberry Lite plan (BBlite). I have tried it with any other MTN data bundle plan or with any other network but think that it may work. You may try it and use the comment box below to report your findings so we can learn from you as well.



Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Bank Instant Account Balance On The Go Check

First bank Nigeria has come out with yet another exciting service which customers can use to check their account balance on the go, any day and anytime for free on their mobile phone.
The on the go instant account balance check service from First bank Nigeria PLC just made the checking of account balance very much easier. Customers who have registered for the SMS alert service can with this service check their account balance at any time of the day by dialing a USSD code on any phone which has the mobile line/number linked together with the first bank account on which the customer receives SMS alert.

The USSD code to dial to check your first bank account balance at any time you wish to is *894*00# OR *894*NUBAN account number# (*894*1234567890) where NUBAN account number is the new 10 digit first bank account number.

On dialing any of the codes, you will receive this information “Retrieving Balance … you will receive an SMS shortly” Press Ok on your phone or exit the information and wait shortly for the SMS alert. An SMS will be sent to your phone immediately which contains your current First bank account balance at the very moment the request was made.

This service comes very handy when you want to avoid the long queues in the banking hall, the hassles of doing same using your ATM card on the ATM machine, and also when you have no internet data connection to do same through mobile or internet banking. The good thing about this service is that it allows you to request for your first bank account balance from any kind of phone by just dialing the USSD code even from a “Nokia 3310” phone. No Internet data connection of any kind is required and the best of all, it is 100% FREE.

The service is exclusive to First Bank Nigeria customers who have registered for SMS alert service and can only work on the mobile number/line linked with the first bank account number which you receive transaction alerts on.

The service is available to customers on Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Airtel.

The USSD code once again to use to check you first bank account balance for free at any time of the day is *894*00# or *894*your 10 digit account number#.



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015/16 UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw

The 2015/2016 Uefa Champions league group stage draw made in Monaco on Thursday the 27th of August 2015 has set the stage for the return of action in Europe for some exciting football moments.
The Draw produced the following results.

Group A
Paris Saint-Germain
Real Madrid
Shakhtar Donetsk

Group B
PSV Eindhoven
Manchester United
CSKA Moskva

Group C
Atlético Madrid

Group D
Manchester City
Borussia Mönchengladbach

Group E
Bayer Leverkusen
BATE Borisov

Group F
Bayern München
Dinamo Zagreb

Group G
FC Porto
Dynamo Kyiv
Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Group H
Zenit St Petersburg

The kick off date for the group stages of the 2105/ 2105 Uefa champions league is 15th of September 2015 and the last day for the group stage match is the 9th of December 2015.

The full Uefa champions league season is expected to from the 15th of September 2015 to 28th May 2016 with breaks at stipulated times.

Meanwhile the final is expected to take place on the Final 28th May 2016 at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy

For the FULL Group stage fixtures and dates download the PDF guide HERE

Get the Full UEFA Champions league 2015/2016 season calendar Here

To watch the FREE Uefa champions league live match streaming  Go HERE


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Change MTK Android IMEI No

Changing the IMEI of an android device has not being easy but with the application I am introducing your way today you can easily change the IMEI NO of your android device with ease. What android application you may ask? It is none other than MTK ENGINEERING MODE android application.
Before I go any further I will like to inform you that this application works best on android devices running on MEDIATEK processors. To check the processor of your android device simply install CPU-Z android application to it and it will show you the processor of your android device. Check out CPU Z

Changing/Tweaking the imei no of your android device totally voids the warranty of such device and is termed a criminal action in some countries.The tutorial coming shortly is to be used for educational purposes. and it's associates should not be held partially or wholly liable should anything come up when you Tweak the imei no of your device. It is assumed that you know exactly what you are doing, hence you take full responsibilites of your actions.

Alright let's roll. Download and install MTK Engineering Mode android application to your android device. You can download the MTK Engineering Mode android application APK file directly from HERE Or from Google Play

Install the downloaded application to the device you want to change it's imei no. Before you proceed it is advisable to note down the imei no already on the device and keep it safe so you can always change back to the default imei no when the need arises. You can always find the default imei on the phone package or on the sitting housing the battery or simply by dialing *#06#

Launch the MTK Engineering Mode application.

Select the MTK SETTINGS option.

Scroll down and select CDS INFORMATION.


Select either PHONE 1 or PHONE 2. This option is applicable if the phone is dual sim. Choose either of the sim slot you want to change it's imei no.

Relax, it's about to get interesting. At the top of the screen showing by now you will have something like this "AT+"   Tap/click on that particular spot, it will bring out something like this; AT+EMGR=1,7,"" and AT+EMGR=1,10,"" plus other stuffs. Forget about the other stuffs and simply concentrate on the following AT+EMGR=1,7,"" which is for sim 1 and AT+EMGR=1,10,"" is for sim 2. Depending on the sim slot you want to change the imei no, click between the double inverted commas "" that has the right sim slot code you want to change and enter the new imei no.
The tweaking of the imei should look something like this for AT+EMGR=1,7,"345678908765432" that is if sim one is the slot you want to change the imei no and AT+EMGR=1,10,"366567890123456" if you want to change the imei no simply slot 2.

When you are through tweaking and modifying the imei no with the above process, tap the SEND AT COMMAND OPTION.

Switch off the phone and put it back on or Activate the Airplane mode and deactivate it to allow the imei no change take effect.

Next dial *#06# to check the current imei no of the device and see if the imei changing was successful. You can also use the procedure above to revert back to your old default imei no when the need arises.

 Now that you have learnt about how to change/tweak the imei no of you android, I will like you to use the COMMENT BOX below and tell us your experience. Should you also find it hard changing the imei no of your MTK android device still use the COMMENT BOX below to drop your issues and we shall be willing to help you out.



Friday, July 24, 2015

Android Simpleserver Browsing With MTN Blackberry Plan Autoproxy or Proxydroid


Android phone users have reasons to smile as MTN blackberry Lite plan which works with simpleserver on PC can now be tweaked to work with simpleserver android application and autoproxy or proxydroid.
Simpleserver have worked perfectly well on PC with MTN blackberry lite plan, following the same approach is the simple server android application which together with autoproxy or proxydroid can be used to achieve the aim of browsing on android device with MTN blackberry lite plan.

With further ado, let’s get down to business;

Subscribe for any MTN Blackberry lite plan using the codes below;

Bblited to 21600 or dial *216*7# Daily plan costs #70

Bblitew to 21600 or dial *216*8# weekly plan costs #500

Bblitem to 21600 or dial *216*9# monthly plan costs #1,000

Go through your android phone settings to mobile networks, access point names
and create a new APN
Name: Could be anything which you can use to recognize the new APN
Type: Default
Port: 8080

After that save the APN settings.

Download Simple server android application Here

Install the simpleserver on your android device. Launch it and configure it as follows.

Once you open the android simpleserver application you will be greeted with the settings interface
On the PROXY SETTINGS section, tick the box where you have ENABLE PROXY
On the Proxy Host enter
On Proxy Port enter 8080
Go to the INJECTION SETTINGS section, tick the  ENABLE INJECTION BOX and enter the following;
Injection Method: Select Get
Injection Query/URL:
Injection Host:
Injection Line: press the enter key on your screen keypad four (4) times. 

When you are done with the settings just move to the top side of the simpleserver application and click on START SERVER

Once it connects you are good to go using MTN blackberry plan on your android device with simpleserver, but at this very point, the simpleserver cannot power most of the android applications on your device that requires internet connection. To power all android applications you need to tunnel the simple server to any of these android applications, autoproxy or proxydroid. 
To make use of any of them, that is, proxydroid or autoproxy, use must have a rooted android device. 

Now download and install either Autoproxy or Proxydroid.

For Autoproxy

Download Autoproxy Here 
On the main interface of the autoproxy look for and click on the + (plus) sign on the far right hand side.


Click on Proxy Host and enter
Click on Proxy Port and enter 8080
Click on Proxy Type and select HTTP

Going back to the main interface you will see the new proxy option created. When you connect/Start the simple server and it connects successfully, go back to the autoproxy and click on the proxy option you created, when a prompt comes up click on connect. When it connects the image turns Green.


For Proxydroid

Download Proxydroid Here
On the Proxydroid interface, set it as follows
Port: 8080

Proxy Type: HTTP

 With the above done you are through configuring the proxydroid, however, you may if you want to, set the profiles to whatever name you want. To do that, tap/click the pencil icon on the topmost area of the proxy droid interface and enter whatever you want on the space provided.

When you have connected the android simpleserver and you are sure that it has truly connected, go to the proxydroid and tap/click the button close to Enable/Disable Proxy to switch it on. (The area where the Red arrow is pointing).

Now relax and enjoy your MTN blackberry lite plan on your android device with simple android server and proxydroid.

Make sure the simpleserver is connected before you launch and connect either autoproxy or proxydroid depending on the one you choose. Relax and then enjoy the MTN blackberry plan on your android device with simpleserver and autoproxy or proxydroid.

If you find it hard to get the simpleserver working on your android device or you can’t cope with rooting your android device so as to make use of autoproxy or proxydroid then you can as well settle for Troidvpn which also works with MTN blackberry lite plan.

Are you still reading? Get down to business and join the train of smart android users that beat down internet costs by browsing with MTN blackberry lite plan together with simpleserver and autoproxy or proxydroid or those using Troidvpn.

Kindly use the comment box below to post issues, questions, suggestions or problems encountered.



Wednesday, July 8, 2015


MTN has decided to make their ipulse prepaid plan juicer with the addition of Happy Hour Data On free browsing. MTN ipulse Happy Hour Data On browsing is an add-on to the already existing ipulse prepaid plan which tends towards rewarding customers that use #200 and above during the daytime. Between the hours of 1:00am to 5:00am, MTN customers on MTN ipulse prepaid plan that spend #200 and above within 12:00am to 11:59pm on chargeable activities (voice calls, SMS and Data) have the opportunity of enjoying the Happy Hour Data On Free Night Browsing.

MTN Happy Hour Data On comes as an additional bonus to ipulse prepaid customers and requires no special action from them, their spending on different chargeable activities (voice calls, SMS and Data) are monitored during the periods of 12:00am to 11:59pm with notifications at any given time with amount spent and what is remaining to qualify for the Happy Hour Data On Free Night Browsing. “Y’ello, you have used N120.95 today. Use extra N80 to enjoy Happy Hour Data On”

On the usage of #200 the ipulse prepaid customer automatically qualifies for the Happy Hour Data as a notification in this form “Y’ello, you are now eligible to enjoy free Happy Hour Data between 01:00am and 05:00am within the next happy hour period” appears to show ones eligibility to enjoy the bonus.

The Happy Hour Data  bonus for MTN ipulse prepaid users comes with a data allowance of 500MB and does not roll over in anyway. Any data leftover the customer has till 5:00am expires and can never be used again though the customer can always get 500mb any day he/she spends #200 and above.

Ipulse customers using the 500MB data allowance on Happy Hour Data should be mindful of data usage because once the data allowance of 500Mb is exceeded the customer will be charged at the available data rate which is deducted from available airtime or available data bundle. Customers are advised to monitor data usage notifications “you have used 40%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% of the 500MB bundle. Y’ello, you have 200MB remaining of your Happy Hour Data. You will be charged at a bundle rate when your inclusive bundle is exhausted” which are sent at various intervals to avoid such.

To enjoy this all a prepiad customer needs to do is, migrate to the MTN Ipulse prepaid plan and use a minimum of #200 between 12:00am to 11:59pm.

To migrate to MTN ipulse prepaid plan Dial *406#


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MTN Blackberry Plan Free Browsing On PC With OpenVPN



No need for proxy settings

Choice of different server locations

Works with every application. Browsers, download managers, torrents, Skype, yahoo messengers etc

Free to setup

No monthly payment

MTN blackberry subscription (Blackberry lite plan (BBLITE))

OPENVPN Application

OPENVPN Configuration file

 OPENVPN Application (32BIT OR 64BIT)

OPENVPN configuration file


DIAL *216*7# OR TEXT BBLITED TO 21600 (costs #70)

DIAL *216*8# OR TEXT BBLITEW TO 21600 (costs #500)

DIAL *216*9# OR TEXT BBLITEM TO 21600 (costs #1,000)

 Set your access point name to

Install the OpenVPN application

Extract the openvpn config files
Copy the openvpn config files to the config folder of the openvpn application. C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

Right click on the openvpn icon=>PROPERTIES=>COMPATIBILITY=>TICK RUN THIS PROGRAM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR (under privilege leveL)=>APPLY=>OK

Right click on openvpn icon and pin to taskbar for easy access (optional)

 Launch the openvpn application

 Locate it at the notification area of your system.

 Right click on it=> settings=> tick use openvpn config file settings box

Right click on the OpenVPN again

Move your cursor to any server

Click connect

Wait till the icon turn green



Get more server locations as many as you want for just #1,000

You get a video tutorial on how to create numerous servers and config files

+ over 20 already created servers

Get in touch with me at 08144548946

WHATSAPP: 08056370712


If you find any part of this tutorial confusing, have questions, suggestions or just to say “hi” or “thank you” Kindly use the comment Box below.