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Saturday, December 6, 2014

MTN BIS With Your Freedom On PC and Android

MTN BIS With Your Freedom On PC and Android For Unlimited Browsing and Endless Streaming

The recent data plan rolled out by various Nigerian mobile network operators show that they can do something to stabilize the high cost of internet browsing in the country, yet they choose to keep playing games with internet users through their ridiculous and pathetic data subscription plan which makes you "the more you look the less you see"

Till they resolve to provide pocket friendly internet data plans, we shall continue to look for ways to beat their high internet browsing costs. One of such ways of beating down internet browsing cost at this very moment is browsing with MTN Blackberry Internet plan (BIS) on PC and Android devices. 

Browsing with the regular MTN data bundle plan, you will have to pay through your nose yet offered meager data allowance that keeps you mindful of things you do to conserve the alloted data. The case is totally different with MTN blackberry subscription where you get unrestricted data allowance at a very cheap price. Imagine getting 3GB for #100 daily, #500 weekly and #1,000 monthly while using MTN blackberry plan while getting 200MB for #1,000 on regular data plan and the most ridiculous of them all is getting 4.5G for #2,500 (1.5GB for daytime browsing and 3GB for nighttime browsing). Funny enough, they call it MTN "special" smartphone, Special indeed, is this not Deceit?

Anyway, let's leave the network operators to their game of deceit while we concern ourselves with how to beat their high internet costs in whatever achievable way we can. Falling to the chopper this time as the sacrificial lamb is MTN as their Blackberry plan can now be used to achieve our aim of beating down high internet cost. 

MTN blackberry plan at the moment of writing this piece can be used to browse on PC and android devices, and the best part of it is that you can use it for Unlimited browsing and Endless Streaming. Ordinarily on its own, there is no way MTN BIS can browse on PC or android devices but with various Tunneling and Proxy applications it can be achieved and one of the Tunnel application which can be used to browse on PC and android device with MTN BIS is Your Freedom tunneling application.

Your Freedom has both PC and Android application so whichever one you want to use to browse with MTN BIS you got your back covered full time. 

To get started you need to subscribe for MTN blackberry plan. You can subscribe for either the daily, weekly or monthly blackberry complete plan. Anyone you subscribe for gives you Unlimited internet access.

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete daily plan, Text bbcday to 21600 or Dial through USSD *216*1*1#

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete weekly plan, Text bbcweek to 21600 or Dial through USSD *216*1*2#

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete monthly plan, Text BBC to 21600 or Dial through USSD, *216*1*1#

Download Your-Freedom Client HERE

Signup For a FREE Your freedom account HERE

Install the freedom client on your PC after that launch the freedom software and configure it as follows;

On the Main interface Click on CONFIGURE

On the Your Freedom Server section enter the following

or use any other server number or use the Wizard option on the right hand side to search for a suitable server thats best for you.

PORT: 443



Move to the top menu option and click on Account InformationEnter your freedom account details which you already opened. If you are yet to signup for a free account do that here

After that go back to that same top menu option and click on PROXY SETTINGS and enter the following

Proxy Address:

Proxy Port: 8080

Scroll  down a little bit to where you have HTTP Headers and enter or

After that move down and click on SAVE AND EXIT

On the Menu option on the main interface, Click on PORTS, Tick/Check the SOCKS 4/5 port and WEB PROXY PORT boxes.

Next click on STATUS to go back to the main interface and while you are there click on START CONNECTION but before then make sure that your Access point name (APN) is set to

Once the above is correctly done you can now browse and download with MTN BIS on your PC but before then you need to set your browsers, download managers and other applications to use the following proxy;


PORT: 8080

As a FREE Freedom account user you are allowed only one hour connection time with restricted bandwidth. To UPGRADE your Freedom account, remove the restrictions and enjoy UNLIMITED Browsing and Downloading with MTN BIS and your Freedom Click HERE


Click HERE to download Your Freedom android app from Google play
or Download it directly from the freedom site HERE

Install it on your android device. When you are through installing it open it and configure
it as follows;


Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION enter your freedom user account details or signup for a free account here

Go back and Click on SERVER CONNECTION

On Your Freedom Server enter or used the WIZARD option below to search for a suitable server location for your area.


PORT: 443


Go back to the configuration configuration and click on PROXY SETTINGS and enter



Scroll down a little bit to HTTP HEADERS and enter or

Move back to the main interface and click on START CONNECTION

As a FREE Freedom account user you are allowed only one hour connection time with restricted bandwidth. To UPGRADE your Freedom account, remove the restrictions and enjoy UNLIMITED Browsing and Downloading with MTN BIS and your Freedom Click HERE

Your Freedom is not the only application working with MTN blackberry application. Tunnelguru Simple Server and Pdproxy work as well on PC the choice is yours to make though with TunnelGuru you don't need to bother yourself with proxy configuration of your browser(s) and application as all of them get connected to the internet immediately you get connected with Tunnelguru.

TroidVPN also works with MTN BIS subscription on android devices and also gives you UNLIMITED internet access.


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Sunday, November 30, 2014

BlueStacks App Player Run Android Apps and Games On PC

Bluestacks app player is an application designed to enable android applications run on Windows PCs, Mac computers and televisions. Working much like an emulator, the program enables users to install and run Android apps and also synchronize them with an Android device.

Bluestacks app player is produced by bluestacks company.

The look and feel of android application can be experienced also on computers with the help of bluestacks app player.Most times the screen size and resolution of the android phone reduces the maximum enjoyment but with bluestacks app player you can enjoy top android apps and games on your laptops in a much higher resolution.
Bluestacks app player makes room for you to enjoy your favorite android applications and games. Candy Crush Saga, Telegram, Temple Run 2, Whatsapp, Grand Theft Auto, Angry birds and more on your laptop.

Are you an Android app and game developers? You should embrace this application much more than others because it gives you first hand experience of how your game or app will finally look on the android device and also save you the stress of going back and forth testing on android device when you make a slight change or modification.

Bluestacks app player is a computer application and can be installed on windows but before then there are certain requirements the PC must meet before it can effectively run bluestacks app player.

The PC must have at least 2GB of RAM and 9GB of disk space because bluestacks app player creates a space for itself where Android apps/games data are stored.

The graphics drivers of the PC should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks.

To join the league of Bluestacks app player users and enjoy android games and apps on PC both windows and MAC. Below are download options for it.

Bluestacks app player is a real time installer and requires internet connection to get fully installed.

To Download Bluestacks app player Online Installer for Windows CLICK HERE

To Download Bluestacks app player Offline/Standalone Installer for Windows CLICK HERE

To Download Bluestacks app player Offline/Standalone Installer for MAC CLICK HERE


Thursday, November 20, 2014

FREE REPORT Beginners Guide To Mini Importation

FREE REPORT Beginners Guide To Mini Importation

Mini Importation business has proven to be one of the best profitable and lucrative around. Before now importation business was for the rich and super rich and still is but with the power of the internet you can venture into importation business though on a small scale, Mini importation.

You can import goods at a very cheap price and sell at a very high profit margin or simply import personal items you use at very cheap ridiculous price.

The Beginners Guide to Mini importation (FREE REPORT) exposes you to the secrets of importing goods from China, U.S and U.K from the comfort of your home with the power of internet without leaving the shores of the country even if you do not know where the country you are importing from is on the world map.

The smart are employing these techniques and making an overkilling with mini importation business. Imagine sitting in the comfort of you home, office wherever and ordering for any kind of goods online and have it delivered to your doorstep with no importation logistic or customs wahala.

The Beginners Guide To Mini Importation (FREE REPORT) takes you by hand a show you the way these smart guys are doing it. The good thing about mini importation business is that you can start with whatever you have at the moment even as low as #10,000.

Simply Enter your Details Below and Have the Report delivered to You and In split seconds you will turn to an Importer though a Mini importer and join the league of people raking thousands and millions from importation business.

To Get Your Free Copy of Beginners Guide To Mini Importation Click HERE


Thursday, October 30, 2014

MTN BIS with Tunnelguru Chameleon Browsing on PC

MTN BIS browsing on PC with Tunnelguru Chameleon

MTN together with their blackberry plan seem to be going through a moment of highness judging from the way Tunnelguru chameleon and other VPN clients manipulate through it, to make room for gateway access to non blackberry users who browse and download at so much optimum speed.

MTN blackberry plan which is mostly known as MTN BIS, exclusively reserved for blackberry users has lost it's stronghold as PC users as well as android users are in a state of euphoria rocking the plan with Tunnelguru and TroidVPN respectively.

It is not in my capacity to analyse if it is a delibrate move by MTN or an error from their side, that should be an "analysis for the gods", my part of the deal is browse and download with cheap MTN blackberry plan with Tunnelguru, no questions asked.

Things like this do not last till thy kingdom come so if I were you I will simply get in the groove and join other smart users using tunnelguru to browse with MTN Blackberry plan and leave matter for Mathias.

I can see that your blood don dey hot so you can jump in and get started.

Relax, here comes the procedure to get your rocking MTN BIS blackberry plan on PC with tunnelguru.

BB Lite Daily plan costs #70. To subscribe Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7#

BB Midi Daily plan costs #100. To subscribe Text BBMIDID to 21600 or Dial *216*10#

BB Lite Weekly plan costs #500. To subscribe Text BBMIDIW to 21600 or Dial *216*8#

BB LITE Monthly plan costs #1000. To subscribe Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9#

Make sure your access point name is on the default MTN access point name which is

Download Special Tunnelguru Chameleon version.

Please make sure that you use the chameleon version else it won't work.

Download and install Java runtime if this is your first time of using tunnelguru. Download Javaruntime HERE

Also signup for a free tunnelguru user account if this is your first of using tunnelguru. Register Here

Extract the tunnelguru chameleon to any location on your system, Open it and configure it as follows;

Server: Choose Demo as a Free User
           Choose any other server location as a Premium User.

Rport: 80

Lport :0

User : Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

Protocol: TCP

Forget every other thing.

Click on Start and enjoy.

If for any reason the above settings fail to work for you or you are not using the special tunnelguru chameleon version then use the settings below.

Server: Choose Demo as a Free User
           Choose any other server location as a Premium User.

Rport: 80

Lport :0

User : Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

Protocol: TCP

Tick the USE PROXY box and enter

Header: host:

Forget every other thing.

Click start and enjoy.

Demo Server can only allow you to use 150Mb of data daily while an Upgrade to Premium will give you Unlimited access to all premium server locations as well as Unlimited data allowance.

To upgrade to premium Click Here or visit

You may also check out

Go ahead and enjoy till MTN wakes up from slumber.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MTN BIS Browsing On Android With TroidVPN

MTN BIS currently works on PC with Tunnelguru, android users are not left out as they use TroidVPN to also enjoy MTN Blackberry Subscription on their devices.

Basically, MTN blackberry subscription can not work on any other device except blackberry devices but with TroidVPN you can use it to browse on your android device.

Anyway, lets get down straight to business on how to make TroidVPN browse on an android device with MTN blackberry Subscription.

Subscribe for any Blackberry Lite plan

BbLite Daily plan costs #70 
Text BBLITED to 21600 

Bblite weekly plan costs #350
Text BBLITEM to 21600

Bblite monthly plan costs #1000
Text BBLITEM to 21600 
Download TroidVPN
Install it on your android device.
Open it and configure it as follows;
Username: Tunnelguru Username

Password: Tunnelguru Password
Choose any Server (Free Server if you are a Free user and any of the Premium Server with ALL attached to it when you Upgrade your account).
Rport: 80
Lport: 0
On the next option choose TCP
Next click on advance
Tick the box where you have Use Proxy For TCP Connection
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
After entering the settings on the Advance section, Click on Save.
Go back to the main interface of TroidVPN, click on CONNECT and enjoy MTN Blackberry subscription on your Android device.
Tunnelguru and TroidVPN are under the same management. A tunnelguru user account both FREE and PREMIUM can be used as well on TroidVPN. 
If you already have a tunnelguru account you can use it to change the the Free user id on the first option on the Troidvpn interface. If you are yet to get a Tunnelguru user account Click HERE

Tunnelguru Free users can only enjoy 100MB while PREMIUM users have access to the whole servers as well as UNLIMITED internet browsing and downloading with MTN Blackberry subscription. To Upgrade you Tunnelguru account to PREMIUM Click HERE
To enjoy MTN BIS on PC for Free Browsing with Tunnelguru Click Here
Join other smart users and get in and enjoy MTN BIS on your android device with TroidVPN before MTN wakes up from their slumber and block it.
For Support or Question please kindly use the comment box below..
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MTN BIS browsing with Simple Server

MTN blackberry plan exclusively reserved for blackberry users has missed it's route to the benefit of PC and android users.

MTN (BIS ) blackberry plan is relatively cheap compared with what is obtainable from the regular data plan that's why it makes logical sense to join the movement of internet users using simple server to browse on PC with MTN blackberry plan.

MTN blackberry plan together with simple server forms a perfect combo that makes cheap internet browsing an exceptional fun filled experience better experienced than imagined as it brings about optimum speed that is blazing mad like hell.

Well, let's get down to business so you can at least enjoy before MTN wake up from their state of confusion and block the access.

Subscribe for any MTN blackberry complete (BBC) plan, either daily, weekly or monthly.

To subscribe for daily bbc plan Text bbcday to 21600 costs #100.

To subscribe for weekly bbc plan Text bbcweek to 21600 costs #500.

To subscribe for monthly bbc plan Text bbc to 21600 costs #1,000.

Download this MTN BIS Pre-configured Simple Server
or download only this server.ini configuration file and use it to replace the one you already have in your simple server folder.

To change the configuration of the server.ini file if you already have simpleserver on your system. Open the simple server folder already on your system, locate the server.ini file, delete it, use the new one you download from here to replace it or simply copy the content of the mtn bis configuration on the new server.ini downloaded, delete the contents of the old one and paste the new content and save.

To save yourself the stress simply delete the entire old simpleserver on your system and download this new MTN BIS simple Server.

Make sure that your access point name (APN ) is set to MTN default which is

Connect your modem start the simpleserver and enjoy but before then set your browser and other application to this proxy http proxy: port :8080

To enjoy a more robust internet connection browsing with MTN BIS on PC then check out MTN BIS browsing with Tunnelguru.

If you want to use the MTN BIS to browse on your android device then check out MTN BIS browsing on android with TroidVPN



Sunday, October 12, 2014

MTN BIS Free Browsing On PC With Tunnelguru

MTN BIS Free browsing on PC with Tunnelguru is now back and working with maximum speed. MTN blackberry subscription (BIS) which once worked perfectly well before now has been back and like before, it is working with MTN Blackberry complete BBC subscription plan. 

The plan comes in daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages with 3GB data allowance. If you plan to use this for large downloads, heavy streaming and longer browsing time then the ideal plan should be the MTN BBC daily plan because with it you can keep getting 3GB each time you subscribe unlike the weekly and monthly BBC plan where the same 3GB data allowance applies and when you exhaust it in a day that means you will be subscribing again but with BBC day you get 3GB daily anytime you subscribe or want to use the internet.

BB Lite Daily plan costs #70. To subscribe Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7#

BB Midi Daily plan costs #100. To subscribe Text BBMIDID to 21600 or Dial *216*10#

BB Lite Weekly plan costs #500. To subscribe Text BBMIDIW to 21600 or Dial *216*8#

BB LITE Monthly plan costs #1000. To subscribe Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9#

When the subscription goes through connect your modem/phone and set your Access Point Name (APN) to 

Download Latest Tunnelguru version 2.8.2  32BIT OR 64BIT

Download and install javaruntime if this is your first time of using tunnelguru on your system

Extract the Tunnelguru to any location on your system preferably your desktop or any location you find comfortable.

If this happen to be the first time you will be using Tunnelguru Sign up for a free Tunnelguru account HERE 

Open and configure the Tunnelguru as follows 

Server: Choose Demo (if you are a free user)
        Choose any other Server location (if you are a Premium user)

Rport: 80

Lport: 0

User: Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

Protocol: TCP

Leave every other thing the way they are.

Click START but before then your modem must be connected.

The next thing to do is to ENJOY!! while it lasts.

Demo Server works for FREE user and allows for only 150MB daily data allowance so inasmuch as MTN BBC daily plan comes with 3GB data allowance with Demo server you can only enjoy 150MB of it with Tunnelguru while with Premium Tunnelguru account you have access to the whole servers on offer on the Tunnelguru and UNLIMITED data access.

To Upgrade your Tunnelguru account to PREMIUM click HERE or visit

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Android Rooting Meaning and Why You Should Do It

Android Rooting; Meaning and Why You Should Do It

Rooting an android device simply means have unrestricted access to the android system (OS ) of the device.
Android devices come with some restrictions to some vital components of the android OS on the device. Rooting removes those restrictions and grants an android user unrestricted super user privilege to change, modify and access hidden and protected android files on the device.

Benefits of Rooting An Android device

Some android applications cannot work except they are allowed access to the root files of the android OS. Rooting in this case will make way for such device to run any android application without restrictions.

Rooting makes an android device open to modification. When an android device has been rooted, the theme, ROM, fonts and the device in general can be modified in whatever way you deem fit.

When an android device has been rooted the user has access to hidden android OS files. The user can then find and delete useless android files, dump and log files of most applications that consume space on the device.

Rooting basically installs Super User on the android device. The super user in simple terms give you access to do whatever you want with your device, configuring it to do whatever you want it to do for you.

Disadvantages Of Rooting An Android Device

Rooting voids the warranty of the device. When an android device is rooted, the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the vendor that sold the device becomes invalid.

Rooting may brick an android device (get it completely rubbished ) if you do not know how to go about it. It is always advisable to backup your device so you can easily restore it should it be bricked in the process of rooting.

Some dangerous android apps which you grant access may end up bricking your android device.

Rooting basically means that you are now super user in other words an expert who is capable and responsible to manage anything that your device puts up.

Types Of Rooting

Rooting is of two kinds, Temporary and Permanent Rooting.

Temporary Rooting otherwise known as Temp Root is the type of rooting that allows the user to make quick changes to the device or resolve problems that requires rooting.
Temporary root goes off once the device is restarted.

Permanent Rooting also known as Perm Root is the kind of rooting that permanently stays on the device allowing the user to make changes to the android OS on device anytime the user wants to.
Though permanent root can be reversed, it does not go off on a device restart. The user has to go through an Unroot session before the permanent rooting goes off.

Rooting actually puts you in charge of your android device, it is now left for you to decided having seen the benefits of rooting if you can take the risk and root you device. Before you try to root your device, it is advisable to backup your device so you can restore it should any problem arise during the rooting process.

Rooting of your android device like I earlier said means that you are capable to bear responsibility of whatever happens to your device. So should you brick your device in the process I am not liable.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014



 Today comes the highly anticipated Champions League match( Grudge Match) between Bayern Munich of Germany And Manchester City of England Live at Allianz Arena home of Bayern Munich by 7:45pm Nigeria Time.

This singular Champions league match happens to be one of the most anticipated group match of the 2014/2015 Champions League season.

Are you good are Predictions?

If you are then be the FIRST to Predict the Correct Scoreline of this Champions league Match today between Bayern Munich of Germany And Manchester City and win for yourself FREE 250MB DATA from VPNVOUCHERS MTN DATA RESELL SERVICES

To qualify, 

Simply use the comment box below to predict the correct scoreline before the Kick off time, leaving your Name and MTN number.
Terms and conditions 

You are allowed only one prediction. Multiple prediction disqualifies you.

All entries not on the comment box stands invalid.

All entries after match kick off are invalid.

All entries without their MTN are disqualified.

Only the First person to Predict the correct scoreline gets the 250MB Free Data 

Big Up to VPNVOUCHERS Cheap MTN DATA Reseller for making this possible.

Alright, let the PREDICTIONS begin..........

Monday, September 15, 2014

Foxit PDF Reader Better Alternative To Acrobat Reader

Foxit PDF Reader Better Alternative To Acrobat Reader

Acrobat PDF reader was the very first PDF reader application I got introduced to way back then when I tried accessing a PDF document but due to my open minded nature I decided to try out other alternatives and in Foxit PDF reader I found that better alternative.

Here are the reasons why Foxit PDF reader turned out to be a better alternative.

Acrobat consumes a staggering 203mb of disk space as against foxit reader that occupies just 101mb. The difference between them is 102mb. When disk space consumption comes into play foxit reader consumes less than Acrobat PDF reader.

Foxit Reader supports multiple tabs while Acrobat pdf reader does not have this feature.

Foxit PDF reader renders multiple PDF documents on the same window but in different tabs just like it is in Mozilla firefox while acrobat reader renders multiple PDF documents in separate windows.



The multi-tabbed feature of foxit reader for me is one of the best feature that makes it outstanding because most times I like accessing different PDF documents at the same time and with the multiple tab feature of Foxit reader, I always keep tab of other PDF documents I want to access. 

It serves as a reminder for me because when I see a PDF document while accessing another document on another tab I easily remember that I have it on queue to access.

It also comes very handy for me when I want to compare two PDF documents

This singular feature for me is a knock out.

Foxit reader comes with an add-on PDF printer that automatically installs itself on the system while the foxit reader is been installed.

The PDF printer works like the normal printer attached to the PC but unlike the normal printer, the output of Foxit PDF reader is a PDF document. The foxit reader PDF printer provides the easy conversion from any document format to PDF format without any special setting or configuration. Just select the Print command while working with any document format (word, excel, power point, image etc) you want to convert to PDF format, select the foxit reader PDF printer on the printer option and the output you get is simply a PDF document, no stress.

Acrobat reader comes with the conventional RED theme which happens to be the Brand color of Adobe systems Incorporated. Foxit reader on the other hand comes with a five (5) colored them option (Classic, Black, Orange, Purple, Blue) for those that want to change the look and feel of it.

Though I do not always change the theme and look of the Foxit reader, I think leaving an option for users to play around with makes it a better alternative than adobe PDF reader.

Acrobat Reader is a good PDF reader, no doubt, but some times an alternative is always sought for so as to serve as a complement and in Foxit PDF reader I found a better alternative to Acrobat PDF reader.

Do you Want to Try out Foxit Reader the Check it out HERE

Disclaimer; I am not in anyway affiliated to Foxit Reader, my opinions were formed based on my personal experience based on both PDF readers, hence, there is no guarantee that you will like Foxit reader or see it as a better alternative due to individual differences and like I said, I use both and where one falls short the other complements it.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Teracopy Copy File from One Device To Another At Fast Amazing Speed

Transferring of files from one location to another can become a hell of a task especially when doing that through the regular windows file transfer method and gets even more annoying when large file transfers are involved.

The nightmare/ “daymare” caused by slow transfer rate is gone with this piece of software called TERACOPY.

Teracopy is simply the solution from codesector to snail speed file transfer rate. If you want to accelerate your file copying session or you transfer large amount of data over different storage medium and need it done in less time than necessary then Teracopy is simply what you need.

Teracopy efficiently manages the copy and transfer of files at maximum speed. It skips bad files during the copying process and analyzes them at the end of the transfer so you can see which of the file needs attention.

Teracopy also provides information about the files being copied. It checks the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values.

It uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce the seek times. Asynchronous copying accelerates the file transfer between two storage media devices.

Features Of Teracopy

Pause and resume
You can pause the transfer process at anytime in order to free up system resources and resume the copying process with a single click.

Error recovery
Teracopy try several times to recover a copy error and at worst cases will simply skip the corrupt file and continue with the transfer instead of ending the entire process.

Interactive File list
It provides an interactive interface from which you can have access to the copying process, the file copied, the ones in queue, failed file transfers and also the chance to fix the problem files and recopy only the problem files.

Teracopy also provides certain amazing task process which you can choose from and have it performed on the completion of the copying process, options like shutdown of the PC after the transfer session, eject the drive/USB device, close the teracopy window and run test.

You can also select files to skip during the transfer process.

Teracopy above all is a FREE application for non-commercial users and available for download HERE or HERE

However Teracopy PRO is available for commercial use and provides more advanced options like;

Copy/move to your favorite folders.

Save reports as HTML and CSV files.

More copying speed.

Select files with the same extension/folder.

Remove the selected files from the copy queue.

And More.....

Get the Teracopy PRO HERE

Time is too short to be wasted transferring files when you can easily accelerate the transfer process with Teracopy.

Do you have another method through which you copy files and more amazing speed? Please kindly use the comment box to let us know so we can also enjoy with you.


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